NATJA Awards Competition Prizes

NATJA recognizes winners as:

  • Grand Prize: Overall outstanding accomplishment across the competition
  • Gold Prize: Awarded per category
  • Silver Prize: Awarded per category
  • Bronze Prize: Awarded per category

All winners and finalists are permitted to display the appropriate NATJA Winner or Finalist Seals on reprints, dust jackets, covers and websites, and emails. NATJA also provides a certificate to everyone who places in the competition.

Media Bonus Prizes in the 26th Annual NATJA Awards Competition

Additionally, those who are Grand Prize winners for Travel Journalism and Photography or Gold Award Winners in a media category (categories 100 - 193) will be invited to select a bonus prize. Grand Prize and Gold will be advised by email of the selection process. Please note that Grand Prizes and Gold Awards are distributed by U.S. mail. Prizes are capped at one per category and no more than 2 prizes may be awarded for multiple Grand Prize and Gold Award winners.

The list of prizes will be published at a later date.