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I'm a British writer based in Tokyo, traveling around Japan and sometimes beyond to create award-winning stories and books for media all over the globe.

Prior to going fully freelance in 2008, I was the deputy editor of Japan's oldest bilingual (English-Japanese) magazine. I also spent a few years covering the finance industry job market as a freelance Japan correspondent for eFinancialCareers; not the most exciting beat, but invaluable experience nonetheless. Nowadays, I get to write about Japan's people, culture and most fascinating places for clients that range from major international publications like National Geographic Traveler and TIME magazine to independents such as Roads & Kingdoms and globally recognized brands as diverse as Lexus, Cathay Pacific, Omega, Toyota, Garuda, and Delta.

Whether feature length or vignette, I like to tell stories. I also enjoy more in-depth projects. To date, I've edited and updated more than a dozen books on Japan and have authored six of my own books: Travel Pack Japan (2013), which won the Gold Prize in the Travel Book/Guide category at the NATJA 2013 Awards, Travel Pack Tokyo (2014), an award-winning photo book called Tokyo: Capital of Cool (2015), Travel Pack Kyoto & Nara (2016), and the recently released (late 2017) titles Japan Traveler's Companion and The Japanese Inn. I've also worked with companies such as Airbnb, the Economist Intelligence Unit and Reuters on large-scale media projects, most recently helping to produce standalone websites like this overview of the Shoryudo route in central Japan and this guide to Tokyo.

My current projects include a photo-focused book that looks at the wider Tokyo area and its traditional elements (Tokyo: From Islands to Peaks), a collection of Japan-related micro-fiction and haibun (And Other Stories) and a book (still in its very early stages) that will retrace haiku master Matsuo Basho's travels around Japan.
Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Ryokan, Features, Books
Time Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, US Airways, Continental, Delta Sky, Oryx (Qatar Airways), Holland Herald (KLM), Lexus, Omega Lifetime, Jetstar, and quite a few others
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