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I'm a British writer based in Tokyo, focusing on books and features on Japan, travel writing, and (as a minor side) creative writing that ranges from short fiction to short-form poetry.

To date, I'm the author of six books on Japan with: Travel Pack Japan (2013), which won the Gold Prize in the Travel Book/Guide category at the NATJA 2013 Awards, Travel Pack Tokyo (2014), an award-winning photo book called Tokyo: Capital of Cool (2015), Travel Pack Kyoto & Nara (2016), Japan Traveler's Companion (2017) and The Japanese Inn (2017).

I've also contributed to and/or updated Japan guidebooks for Rough Guides, Fodor's, Insight Guides, Dorling Kindersley and National Geographic, in the process having traveled to almost every nook and cranny of Japan, from sub-tropical Okinawa in the south to rugged Hokkaido in the north.

Besides books, I've written for nearly 100 different magazines and online publications around the world, from National Geographic Traveler and TIME to the in-flight magazines of Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM, Korean Air, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and US Airways, as well as publications for the Economist, Toyota, Lexus, Omega, and others.

I live in Tokyo, but you will often find me elsewhere: exploring the backstreets of Kyoto, searching for new parts of rural Japan to get lost in, or swapping the summer heat of Tokyo for the summer drizzle of Dartmoor National Park, where I grew up.

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Time Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, US Airways, Continental, Delta Sky, Oryx (Qatar Airways), Holland Herald (KLM), Lexus, Omega Lifetime, Jetstar, and quite a few others

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