NATJA 2010 Awards Competition Winners

CONTACT: Dawn Vivenzio

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Inaugural “Spirit of Kalliope Award” to be Presented for Overall Excellence in Travel Journalism

PASADENA CA - The North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) has announced the winners of its 2010 NATJA Annual Awards.  Awards went to over 80 writers and photographers whose work was represented in over 50 print and electronic publications. Additionally, awards went to top convention visitors’ bureaus, PR agencies and destination marketing organizations. The competition, now in its 19th year, honors the “best of the best” of travel writing, photography and promotion that cover all aspects of the travel industry worldwide.

NATJA also announced Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine, as the winner of the inaugural “Spirit of Kalliope Award” for overall achievement in travel journalism.  This award, which carries a cash prize of $500, has been created to honor an individual who has excelled in his or her particular area of travel journalism displaying outstanding originality, creativity and skill.  The award was named for Kalliope, the muse of eloquent, epic poetry. She has inspired some of the world’s most revered travel writing, such as Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey.

“We are extremely pleased with this year’s entries; they were outstanding, both in quality of work and range of coverage,” said Helen Hernandez, CEO of the organization. “The number of entries is the largest we have ever received and the level of creativity and professionalism is reflective of the vibrancy of the travel journalists’ community.  I also believe this year’s entry pool is an indication of the overall economic recovery and its positive effect on the travel industry.”

The mission of NATJA is to foster high quality journalism by supporting the professional development of its members, providing exceptional benefits and valuable resources, honoring the excellence of journalism throughout the world, and promoting travel and leisure activities to the public at large.

One first place (Gold) winner is chosen in each of 61 categories along with 2nd (Silver) and 3rd place (Bronze) runners up. In addition, four overall grand prize winners are selected in recognition of “outstanding excellence” in the categories of travel journalism, photography, publication and DMO/CVB submissions. 

Award winners in the various categories are listed below.  A complete list of the winners is available on the NATJA website at

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Grand Prize Winners · Media Winners · Organization Winners · Publication Winners

Spirit of Kalliope Award: Keith Bellows

Grand Prize Winners
Photography – David Noyes
Travel Journalism – Michael Luongo
PublicationVirtuoso Life
Convention & Visitors Bureaus/Destination Marketing Organizations – Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

MEDIA – General Travel Articles
Category 100: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper - Greater than 250,000                                  

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Blue-eyed Ruler, Empty Ruins Color Syria's Old, Sexist Cities,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Ceil Miller-Bouchet, “A Richer Bordeaux,” The Washington Post Magazine
  • Bronze: Sarah Staples, “Wine in Quebec? Heard it Through the Grapevine,” Los Angeles Times

Category 100A: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper - Less than 250,000  

  • Gold: Janet Podolak, “Say bonjour to something different,” News-Herald
  • Silver: Christine Tibbetts, “Kathmandu, Nepal,” Tifton Gazette
  • Bronze: Lisa Te Sonne, “Some of the Baltic's Best,” Ventura County Star

Category 101: Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine

  • Gold: Raphael Kadushin, “Rite of Spring,” Conde Nast Traveler
  • Silver: Keith Bellows, “The Lost World,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze (tie): Andrew Evans, “Bus 2 Antarctica,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze (tie): Adam Sachs, “Welcome to New Zealand,” Travel & Leisure

Category 102: Destination Travel, International Newspaper - Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Adrian Brijbassi, “Beauty and the Beach,” Toronto Star
  • Silver: Adrian Brijbassi, “Montreal's indie music scene sizzles,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Ellen Creager, “Tax Heaven Vacation,” Detroit Free Press

Category 102A: Destination Travel, International Newspaper - Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Lindor Reynolds, “Norway's grandeur is unforgettable,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Silver: Ron Pradinuk, “Antiquities Road Show,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Bronze: Chris McBeath, “Honouring the Sands of Memory,” Kamloops This Week

Category 103: Destination Travel, International Magazine

  • Gold: Robert Draper, “Treasures of Tunisia,” Virtuoso Life Magazine
  • Silver: David Noyes, “The Sacred City of Shiva,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Bronze: Michael DeFreitas, “Baja Bliss,” Ensemble Vacations

Category 104: Byline Travel Column – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Daisann McLane, “Real Travel: The Lies We Tell,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Keith Bellows, “One on One: Going to Extremes,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Peter Jon Lindberg, “Opinion: Stop the Music!,” Travel & Leisure

Category 104A: Byline Travel Column – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Janet Podolak, “Tips for trips: Homework the one essential for best, cheapest, safest travel,” News-Herald
  • Silver: Paul Rubio, “Hotel Envy in 'Gay Paris',” Florida Agenda Newspaper
  • Bronze: Stacey Wittig, “If You Love Northern Arizona, You'll Love Reno-Tahoe,” Pinewood News

Category 105: Travel Series – Magazine

  • Gold: Mike Guy, “Three Perfect Days,” Hemispheres
  • Silver: William Purpura, “AAA Celebrity Travel Series,” Home & Away Magazine
  • Bronze: Keith Bellows , “50 Places of a Lifetime: The World's Greatest Destinations, Part II,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 105A: Travel Series - Newspaper

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Iraq - Travel Series - Bloomberg Babylon & Baghdad,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Adrian Brijbassi, “World Cup Travel to South Africa,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Jill Schensul, “The New Old World: A cruise of Eastern Europe,” The Record

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles - Print
Category 120: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Luke Barr, “Return to Sonoma,” Travel & Leisure
  • Silver: Layla Schlack, “Hive Minded,” Hemispheres
  • Bronze: Lola Akinmade, “Rockabilly,” Hemispheres

Category 121: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Keith Bellows, “A Ride on the Wildside,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Elaine Glusac, “Back at the Ranch,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Jill Schensul, “Attached to the RV Life,” The Record

Category 122: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Margie Goldsmith, “Where the Road Meets the Sky,” Women's Running Magazine
  • Silver: Dina Mishev, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” Go
  • Bronze: Geoff Kirbyson, “Going bananas over oranges,” Winnipeg Free Press

Category 123: Resorts

  • Gold: Charles Kulander, “Best Hotels: Stay List 2010,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Charles Gandee, “Star of Dubai,” Travel & Leisure
  • Bronze (tie): Amy Rosen, “Sparkling Hill Resort offers Okanagan oasis,” Globe & Mail
  • Bronze (tie): Lisa Trottier, “Privacy, Please,” San Francisco Magazine

Category 124: Cruises

  • Gold: Janice Mucalov, “The Nile River: Cruising Cleopatra Style,” Cruise & Travel Lifestyles
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “Untouched by Time,” Global Traveler
  • Bronze: Remy Scalza, “Afraid to Commit? Try microcruising,” The Washington Post

Category 125: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Jayme Otto, “The Healing Power of Running,” Women's Running Magazine
  • Silver: Cleo Paskal, “Garden at the end the world,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Keith Bellows, “One on One: Going to Extremes,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 126: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Babylon Ruins Translate Into Tourist Dollars for Hopeful Iraqis,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Malta: Rock of Ages,” Ensemble Vacations Magazine
  • Bronze (tie): Dale Sanders, “Fort Morgan Cay, The Guardian of Port Royal Harbor,” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector
  • Bronze (tie): Linda Fasteson, “A Golden Discovery,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle

Category 127: Mature Travel and Travelers

  • Gold: Linda Fasteson, “Wild Oklahoma,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle

Category 128: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Michael Schuman, “Science of Hocus Pocus,” Nashua Telegraph
  • Silver: George Burden, “Princess for a Day,” The Medical Post
  • Bronze: Heather Greenwood Davis, “Who's Afraid of a Big Family Trip to Peru?,” Canadian Family Magazine

Category 129: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Lygia Navarro, “Mexico's Soul Food,” Afar
  • Silver: Peter Jon Lindberg, “Vietnam: The Ultimate Food Tour,” Travel & Leisure
  • Bronze (tie): Remy Scalza, “Chill before serving,” The Washington Post
  • Bronze (tie): Elizabeth Berg, “Amalfi Coast - A Moveable Feast,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 130: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Jayme Otto, “Transformational Travel,” Breathe Magazine
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “My Baghdad Beckons with Bazaars, Cafes, Hopeful People,” Bloomberg News
  • Bronze: Sarah Staples, “Taking a Gullah Tour of Charleston,” Miami Herald

Category 131: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Kim Brown Seely, “Out of the Mist,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Melina Gerosa Bellows, “In Search of Magic,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Susan Nerberg, “Svalbard Science Project”, Enroute

Category 132: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Jill Schensul, “An Offer Too Good to Refuse - Or Is It?” The Record
  • Silver: John Lee, “Broke Britannia,” MoneySense Magazine
  • Bronze: Lindor Reynolds, “Budget Travel,” Winnipeg Free Press

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Internet
Category 140: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Amy Rosen, “Once Upon a Lifetime in Vienna,”
  • Silver: Lola Akinmade, “Back to Sender,” Matador Network
  • Bronze: Margie Goldsmith, “Crossing the Street into Chi Minh City,”

Category 141: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Carole Herdegen, “The Love of Luxury,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Silver: Peter Rose, “Patagonian Panoramas,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Margie Goldsmith, “ZORB Globe Riding,”

Category 142: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Julian Smith, “The Most Beautiful Trail in the West,” Enroute
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “Two Wheels, Two Drinks: Biking Through America's Heartland,”

Category 143: Resorts

  • Gold: George Burden, “Chilling Out at Quebec City's Le Chateau Entente,”
  • Silver: Kara Williams, “A Perfect Day at the Broadmoor, Colorado's 5-Star Luxury Resort,”
  • Bronze: Dale Sanders, “St. Barts, Cote d'Azur Caribbean Style,” Islands & Coastal Destinations – Examiner

Category 144: Cruises

  • Gold: Paul Rubio, “Amazonia Re-invented,”
  • Silver: Nell Raun-Linde, “Cruising the Amazon River from Santarem to Manaus,”
  • Bronze: Lisa Codianne Fowler, “Getting Personal in the British Virgin Islands,” Travelworld International Magazine

Category 145: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Sarah Steinberg, “Leaders of the pack - Tim Fletcher from The Stills,” Enroute

Category 146: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Suzanne Corbett, “Seeing Rock City,” St. Louis
  • Silver: Georgia Hesse, “A Sense of Travel,” Foreign Travel Club of S.F.

Category 148: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Howard Hian, “Houseboating with My Pirate Pals,” Travel Savvy News
  • Silver: Margo McDonough, “We May Not Have Changed the World…” Global Writes

Category 149: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Dale Sanders, “Chef's Table Extraordinaire,” Islands & Coastal Destinations - Examiner
  • Silver: Nell Raun-Linde, “Los Gatos, Gem of the Foothill,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Suzanne Corbett, “Gourmet Getaway to Door County, Wisconsin,” St. Louis

Category 150: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Dave G. Houser, “For Australia's Aborigines, Diamonds Aren't Forever,”
  • Silver: Jill Robinson, “Exploring the Backstreets Behind HBO's 'Treme',”
  • Bronze: George Burden, “Having a Ball, Vienna Style,”

Category 151: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Tim Leffel, “Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos,” Transitions Abroad
  • Silver: Karin Leperi, “Fantastic Voyage: Recreating the Sacred Mayan Journey,” Matador Network/Brave New Traveler
  • Bronze: Adam H. Graham, “Worst Medical Tourism Disasters,” Travel & Leisure

Category 152: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Sarah Pascarella, “The 10 Worst Travel Rip-offs… and How to Avoid Them,”
  • Silver: Jennifer Miner, “Cheap East Hampton Vacation Attractions,”

MEDIA – Electronic, Video, Broadcast
Category 155: Travel Journalism Website

Category 156: Publication/Commercial Blog

Category 156A: Independent Blog

Category 157: Travel App

  • Gold: Greater Lansing Mobile App for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Silver: San Francisco Restaurants, Jules Older

MEDIA – Photography, Illustration
Category 170: Overall Excellence

  • Gold: David Noyes, “The Sacred City of Shiva,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Silver: Leda & St. Jacques, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Montreal,” Enroute
  • Silver: Melissa Farlow, “Tweet Me in Miami,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Lorne Bridgman, “Buenos Aires Social Club,” Enroute

Category 171: Cover Photo, Illustration

  • Gold: Istvan Banyai, Cover, Hemispheres
  • Silver: Jill Schensul, “Back Channels of Eastern Europe: Sighisoara,” The Record
  • Bronze: David Cicconi, December 2009 Cover, Travel & Leisure

Category 172: Landscape, Seascape

  • Gold: Remy Scalza, “Rugged Respite in Brazil's Lush Backyard, “ San Francisco Chronicle
  • Silver: Peter Rose, “Bergs on Ice and Rock, Tierra del Fuego,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Will Van Overbeek, “1,000 Islands of Summer,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 173: Portrait, People

  • Gold: Adam Pitluk, “Steve Martin's Big Year,” American Way
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Inca Baby,” Outpost Magazine
  • Bronze: David Lasker, “Hans Staud,” Toronto Star

Category 174: Facility, Architectural

  • Gold: Melissa Farlow, “America's Green City,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Robert Jerome, “Sydney's Heartbeat: Darling Harbour,” The Rail Monthly

MEDIA – Miscellaneous
Category 190: Travel Book or Guide

  • Gold: Maureen Ebersole, Paris While We're Young
  • Silver: Peter Rose, With Few Reservations
  • Bronze: Linda Ballou, Lost Angel Walkabout - One Traveler's Tales

Category 191: Trade Travel Article

  • Gold: Deanna Ting, “The Rules of Attraction: How to Attract First-Time Clients,” Travel Age West
  • Silver: Carla Marie Rupp, “Orlando 'Pow Wow' Showcased Travel PR Feast,” O'Dwyer's Magazine & The Travel Issue

Category 192: Travel Tips & Advice

  • Gold: Jean-François Légaré, Isa Tousignant, & Susan Nerberg, “The Considerate Traveller,” Enroute
  • Silver: Sarah Staples, “Have the Itch to Travel? Take Some Tips from a Bedbug Expert,” Globe & Mail
  • Bronze: Jennifer Miner, “Fear of Flying - Tips for Easier Air Travel,” The Vacation Gals

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Category 200: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Chicago Office of Tourism, Explore Chicago: Eat, Play, Love our Neighborhoods E-Book
  • Silver: Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, Greater Lansing Official Visitor Guide 2010
  • Bronze: Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau, Paradise Coast Visitors' Guide

Category 200A: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: South County Tourism, 2010 South County Style Vacation Planner
  • Silver: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association, Official Guide to Glenwood Springs 2010-2011  

Category 201: Destination Video – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, New Hotels and Meetings Space - Bigger, Bolder, Beautiful Video
  • Silver: Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau, Paradise Coast Destination Video
  • Bronze: Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Not Just Another Pretty Book

Category 202: Destination Website – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau,                    

Category 202A: Destination Website – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism,

Category 203: Social Media or Marketing Campaign – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Virginia Beach's Social Media Campaign
  • Silver: Chicago Office of Tourism, Explore Chicago Integrated Social Media Campaign
  • Bronze: Positively Cleveland, Positively Cleveland YouTube Channel (with Freddie Coffey)                        

Category 203A: Social Media or Marketing Campaign – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: Lindsborg, KS Convention & Visitors Bureau, Lindsborg, KS Convention & Visitors Bureau Marketing Campaign
  • Silver: Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau, "Go Pasadena" Smartphone App

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Category 300: Newspaper Travel Section

  • Gold: The Record

Category 301: Travel Magazine

  • Gold: Virtuoso Life
  • Silver (tie): National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver (tie): Ensemble Vacations

Category 302: In-Flight Magazine

  • Gold: enRoute
  • Silver: Go
  • Bronze: American Way Magazine

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