Explore Seattle Southside (Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority) exists to help visitors create memorable experiences. As the official destination marketing organization for Seattle’s Southside—including the cities of SeaTac, Tukwila and Des Moines—Explore Seattle Southside is responsible for promoting all that makes the community a thriving travel destination and for enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through the impact of travel, our organization strengthens the economic position and provides opportunities for people in our community. www.seattlesouthside.com

1. ) What is your organization most known for? 

Seattle Southside is most known for its convenience as a hub for travelers coming into the area at SEA Airport; for its something-for-everyone shopping with the PNW’s largest shopping mall; for its incredible nature with sweeping waterfront/mountain vistas and breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier (when the mountain’s out).

But most notably, Seattle Southside is perhaps least well known for what it’s best at—offering locals and visitors an incredible variety of microadventures to discover, brought to us by our thriving and diverse local communities who make our area the curiously wonderful place to live and play it is today.

2.) During this time, how can we enjoy destinations that you represent?

Fall and winter is a beautiful, cozy time to visit Seattle Southside (despite our reputation for inclement weather, which is only sometimes true!). Leaves are changing, hikes are refreshing and beautiful, holiday shopping is beginning, and, as always, locals are welcoming and warm.

3.) What hidden gem should not be missed when visiting your destination?

Seattle Southside is full of hidden gems to discover, which is one of the things that makes our destination so curiously wonderful! But, if we had to pick just one, you absolutely can’t miss a visit to locally woman-owned, Seattle Chocolate. Started in 1991, this award-winning chocolate factory, which supports local artists and sustainability, offers an informative and fun tour of its production line as well as a fascinating (and delicious!) tasting of its truly one-of-a-kind chocolates, which are of the highest quality and ethically sourced (and did we mention delicious!?).

4.) What’s one feature that can’t be missed when visiting your website?

Be sure to visit our Travel Blog to see just a glimpse of the many wonderful things that make Seattle Southside a truly unique place for experiencing delightful microadventures. And check out our calendar for all the latest happenings in our area!

5.) How did you hear about NATJA, why did you join?

How could you not know about NATJA? Explore Seattle Southside joined because we love the caliber and talent of its members and are always open for opportunities to bring fellow, passionate travelers and journalists to our area to discover and help us share all the curiously wonderful things in Seattle Southside.

6.) Is there anything else you feel travel media should know about your organization?

We relish the opportunity to meet tourism professionals and creators who share our love of travel and who want to share the excitement of discovering a curiously wonderful destination with the world. If you have any questions, would like more information about our destination or press trips & media FAMS, or even just want to say, “Hi!”, please reach out to our Communications Manager, Jeff Powell (jeff@seattlesouthside.com).

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