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Writer, Traveler, and Cancer Survivor. Get out there and live life!

I am a colon cancer survivor, an empty-nester, and now an early retiree! When folks start talking about generations, I'm on the cusp between the Baby Boomers and Generation X, and I have a foot in both camps.

I am based in Houston, Texas, but have lived in New Orleans, Seattle, and New York City.

I focus on my two loves: travel and great food — both eating and cooking.

On my blog, which is now three years old, readers find articles on culture, art, and soft adventure (things like hiking, snorkeling, kayaking), as well as practical tips for handling travel challenges, and reports on hotels.

In the food section, I publish recipes, articles on food history and anthropology, along with periodic restaurant reviews.
Soft adventure, history and culture focused travel, culinary travel, GenX
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