The Sheer Beauty of Winter - Nov.2019
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019 03:00 PM

The Sheer Beauty of Winter

Come explore Fairbanks between November and March to embrace the sheer beauty of the Winter Season. On winter days, the striking silver-blue sky is often embellished with alpenglow sunsets and sunrises, sundogs or sparkling snowflakes. On winter nights, the sky often shimmers with the light of the aurora borealis. Sometimes the lights appear as a lazy river of green winding across the heavens, at other times the heavens explode in a symphony of dazzling greens, reds, wispy yellows, violets and indigo blues commanding

the entirety of the sky. 

Be spirited away by the captivating light of the aurora borealis, see two-ton blocks of ice turned into astonishing sculptures and experience the exhilarating sport of dog mushing. Winter’s white mantle brings a multitude of activities, celebrations and sporting events to Fairbanks. What are you waiting for?


Artistic Performances Take to the Stage

All year long, Fairbanks sets the stage for a variety of classic and contemporary art, theatre and music events and exhibitions. In the fall, as local organizations roll out their respective seasons, the arts scene moves into exuberant high gear. Whether fueled by an independent spirit or cabin fever, this melting pot of musical and artistic talent acts as a creative catharsis for locals and visitors alike.






Take a Cruise to Fairbanks

As the state’s “farthest north port,” Fairbanks is a popular destination in the summer for visitors taking a cruise to Alaska. Adding a land tour package to your one-way Gulf of Alaska cruise lets you explore Fairbanks and Denali National Park as part of your itinerary. Since Fairbanks is generally the first or last place people visit on a land tour, it’s easy to add on extra days to extend the experience.