Dear Tourists, We have missed you.

From the energy you bring to our streets, to the sound of the applause greeting a local performance of music, dance or sport – we miss you. We miss your laughter, and hearing your sighs of contentment following one of the best meals you may have ever eaten. Temporary visitors, you bring a lot to […]

Arkansas Welcome Centers provide a safe setting for guests

Kim Williams, travel writer ; Arkansas Tourism – Arkansas Welcome Centers have hosted guests from across the globe for decades, providing information on attractions, lodging and dining to millions of visitors. In mid-March, as COVID-19 began to circulate, the centers temporarily closed their doors. Over the next nine weeks, a plan was developed to reopen […]

North Arkansas offers safe adventures and fun

While travel looks a little different right now, Arkansas is still very much open for business. Locations across the state are taking special measures to make sure visitors can continue to enjoy all that The Natural State has to offer. In the Northwest and North Central part of the state, you’ll find a variety of […]

What Do Walrus Heads, Warriors and Dragons All Have In Common?

What do walrus heads, warriors and dragons all have in common? They all play a role in the mythos surrounding the aurora borealis. Nowadays we look to the heavens and know that electrons from space are colliding with nitrogen and oxygen gases in the sky to create ethereal auroras in greens, reds, pinks and blues. […]

Landing In My Present

Mary Walker Clark barely knew her father or his past.  When he died, he left not only the expected void in a teenager’s life, but he disappeared without sharing his Indian Jones-styled tales about flying the Hump, a little-known treacherous series of US missions that transported supplies over the Himalayas to China during World War II.    […]

Mama Dip’s Legacy Lives on in Chapel Hill and beyond

It’s been a long hot summer in Chapel Hill. Local independent restaurant owners are nervous, because their future has never been more uncertain. To sustain us until the path ahead is clear, all we can do is look to the past and tell the stories of those who have come before us. They can bring […]

August 16: A Letter from NATJA’s CEO

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and we are all gearing up for fall. As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, we are all getting accustomed to the “new normal” which has impacted our businesses, social lives, and simple things such as going to the grocery store.

Ozark Highlands Radio Receives Arkansas Country Music Award

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark.) – Ozark Highlands Radio (OHR), the Ozark Folk Center State Park’s public radio program, received the award for “Podcast of the Year” recently at the 2020 Arkansas Country Music Awards.  The radio program, which is currently in its fifth season, features local folk singers from the Mountain View area and musicians from across the […]

Remembering a Good Woman

In this year of irrevocable change and loss, another name must be added to that long and growing list of what was but is no longer. Donna Baker died July 31, 2020 in her Orange County home. Donna was the clerk for the Orange County Commissioners since 2002, and unless you worked for or with […]

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