Happy Fall!

For the last several weeks, I have been enjoying true fall days: crisp mornings and nature’s vibrant changing of colors. My travels have taken me from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway to Washington, D.C.

This trip has a twofold purpose. The first was attending the National Parks Conservation Association’s (NPCA) Board of Trustees meeting in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I have served on this Board for 6 years and their mission is to protect our national parks and support the creation of new ones to assure the diversity of our historic experiences in the United States. We were successful in adding the Blackwell school in Marfa, Texas to the National Parks Services (NPS). Most recently, we are advocating for the formation of a national park to preserve the story of Emmett Till.

A photo of Bryce Canyon, taken by NATJA’s General Counsel and photographer, Ben Root, graces NPCA’s membership card. I am including below information on NPCA should you be interested in joining and supporting our national parks, as well as a glimpse of Ben’s photo on the membership card. Membership is only $25! Thank you for your consideration.

From the Great Smoky Mountains, I proceeded to Asheville, North Carolina. There I joined my eldest daughter and her children in welcoming my youngest daughter and her family from France. It was fun to explore and reconnect since the distance only allows for reunions every other year. From here, the “Frenchies” and I traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway to Washington, D.C. where we connected with my son’s family in time to celebrate Halloween.

This time is very meaningful for this California native who rarely experiences the true beauty of fall, let alone doing so with my beautiful family. To say my time was enjoyable is an understatement. It is a reminder to sometimes stop, look around, and experience the simple joys life provides.

I hope you are enjoying your fall as much as I have!


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