Japanese Inns & Hot Springs

By: Rob Goss Richly illustrated and exhaustively researched, Japanese Inns & Hot Springs is the definitive guide to Japan’s ryokan (traditional inns). Co-authored by award-winning travel writer Rob Goss and photographer/ryokan expert Akihiko Seki, it presents the 40 finest ryokans in Japan, from historic properties like Hiiragiya in Kyoto and Kikkaso in Hakone to luxury retreats like […]

Travel Pack Tokyo

By: Rob Goss From strolling the winding alleys of the city’s traditional neighborhoods to exploring its ultra-modern, neon-soaked streets, this comprehensive Tokyo guide delivers it all. Readers will learn where to enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine and cutting-edge contemporary art, centuries-old temples and gleaming modern architecture, and all of the other wonderful elements that make […]

Travel Pack Kyoto & Nara

By: Rob Goss In Travel Pack Kyoto & Nara longtime Japan resident and award-winning author Rob Goss takes readers to the very best of Japan’s two former capitals. In Chapter One, he highlights the top 11 things to see and do, from strolling the meditative grounds of Ginkaku-ji temple and contemplating the cryptic design of […]

Travel Pack Japan

By: Rob Goss Winner of the 2013 North American Travel Journalists Association’s Gold Award in the Travel Book/Guide Category, all the sights in Japan Tuttle Travel Pack have been hand-picked by seasoned travel writer Rob Goss—who has been living in Japan for over a decade, visiting and writing about every corner of this fascinating country. The book […]

Tokyo: Capital of Cool

By: Rob Goss From the chic streets of Omotesando to the Tosho-gu shrine complex in Nikko, built to consecrate the Edo-era shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, author Rob Goss takes readers through the patchwork of varied districts and sights that make up Tokyo and its neighboring towns. The NATJA silver prize-winning Tokyo: Capital of Cool uncovers Tokyo’s defining traits, […]

Japan Traveler’s Companion

By: Rob Goss Richly illustrated with hundreds of color photos, Japan Traveler’s Companion delves beyond the gaze of traditional guidebooks to uncover Japan’s rich culinary traditions, pop culture, Samurai heritage, and much more—bringing Japan to life and highlighting the most interesting places to visit in every region of the country.  Multi award-winning author Rob Goss introduces readers […]

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