There are many reasons to visit the Finger Lakes – gorgeous lakes, wine and culinary highlights, exceptional hiking and biking, sports in our great outdoors, and of course, our family-friendly atmosphere. Five of New York’s Finger Lakes provide the setting for a little laidback luxury getaway in lake country.

First, we are known for our culinary – farm to table – wine country experiences and fantastic scenery. Those who delve a little deeper quickly learn about the lifestyle that offers music, art, sports from downhill skiing to golf and of course, all kinds of water sports. Five lakes, wine and craft beverage trails, gorgeous scenery, and friendly welcoming people all await our guests.

1. What is your destination most known for?
The Finger Lakes region is classically regarded as most notable for its wineries and locally-made wine, specifically Riesling variations. Beyond the tasting room however, you can find many beautiful hikes, great locally-sourced food, and amazing people to help you explore the region.

2. During this time, how can we enjoy your destination?
This summer we recommend that you stay for a long weekend to get the full Finger Lakes experience. Choose to stay at one of our beautiful hotels or B & B’s, check out the water, and then head over for a tasting and dinner at one of our many wineries. After a drink, finish your night with some local food and live music. The next day get outside and enjoy the green flx forests for a nice hike in (grimes glen?) or check out Ontario Pathways – don’t forget your bike! That perfect day would end with ice cream at (example?).

3. What hidden gem should not be missed when visiting your destination?
I have this personal theme called “cozy corners” I think that I’d keep that theme and make sure that when you’re in the Finger Lakes that you look for that little spot that is just down the path, over the next hill, out on the lake. Taking a few minutes of pause from our busy lives will pay rewards – especially if you breathe in our fresh air at the same time.

As for a specific destination. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get out on the lakes. Whether it’s by renting your own boat or taking a boat tour, we are the Finger Lakes. In the winter. Use our liquid assets in the frozen condition. Skiing on our snow at Bristol Mountain, the highest peak between the Adirondacks and Rockies!

4. What’s one feature that can’t be missed when visiting your website?
Oh my, that’s a tough one. I’d look at our top ten lists and our blogs. These are written from the locals and reveal all the inside scoop on our area, from that storytelling perspective. Our events calendar, which compiles local events from across Ontario County for every day! There is always some fun festival, quiz night, or live music performance, happening in the FLX.

5. How did you hear about NATJA, why did you join?
We joined NATJA after we heard about some of our fellow DMOs finding benefits from it. We look forward to our first opportunity to attend the marketplace and appreciate the team’s attention to us as a new member, as well as the connections we can make.

6. Is there anything else you feel travel media should know about your destination?
The diversity of our region is one of the most amazing things. We wish that more people would recognize us for our cozy winters and things to do. We so often hear about how beautiful our region is and how friendly the people are. There’s a different kind of culture here that welcomes people and a community extension in pride of place. Getting to know the locals, the makers, and the entrepreneurs by sitting with them at one of our craft beverage places, lakeside restaurant, or at a music event is one of the things that I think people need to know about.

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