July 2024 Featured Destination: Visit Jacksonville

If you had to sum up Jacksonville in a nutshell, it would be a boiled peanut: a secret recipe, an unexpected delight, a reason to pause instead of passing through.

Yes, we have 22 miles of beaches, year-round sunshine, world-class museums, and all the extras you’d expect from a city our size, but Jacksonville offers a different take on the basics. We’re a little bit country and a whole lot of (Southern) rock n’ roll.

Throw a dart on a map of Florida, and you’ll likely land on a pretty beach, a theme park, a golf course, or a crystal-blue pool. But if you’re open to something a little different, you’ll find a slice of Florida that locals love. Don’t worry, you’re not flipping out. You’ve just never been to Jacksonville: the Flip Side of Florida.

1. What is your destination most known for?
Jacksonville is the largest city by landmass in the continental United States at 840 square miles.

2. During this season, what are some must-see attractions?
Anything on and in the water. The Florida summers can be hot and our beaches, waterways and river offer relief and relaxation.

3. What hidden gem should not be missed when visiting your destination?
Boneyard Beach on Big Talbot Island or Jacksonville Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

4. What’s one feature that can’t be missed when visiting your website?
We recently started working with ReciteMe to offer more accessibility options on our website. Users can change font size, color theme, language and more to ease in their use of the site.

5. How did you hear about NATJA, and why did you join?
Barbara Golden told me about it. We joined to have an opportunity to meet and build relationships with more travel media.

6. Is there anything else you feel travel media should know about your destination?
Come visit and explore what makes Jacksonville the Flip Side of Florida.

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