NATJA’s founding president, Bob Nesoff had his second book published recently. The book, A History Lovers Guide To Bergen County, is designed for people who travel and are interested in visiting historical locations.
Bergen County, NJ, about 15 minutes from New York City, was one of the hot spots in the American Revolution and was called “The Crossroads of the Revolution. Stories in the book actually go back well before the war with England to the very early days of this country.
The stories come right up to the present day and even tie in locations still active today that are several hundred years old. In Tappan, NY, once part of Bergen County, the Old ’76 House lays claim to being the oldest continuously operated tavern in the country. It was the location where British spy, Major John Andre who collaborated with Benedict Arnold, was kept prisoner before he was taken to a hill behind the tavern and executed. There ghosts in the tavern and the book has one unretouched photo of a female passing a couple at lunch. At the other end of the dining room is a male ghost suspected to be Andre. Cemeteries, always a destination for history travelers, also play a big part in its pages. Joey Ramone, of The Ramones, is buried in the toomb of Lyndhurst. Paramus boasts the gravers of several noted people. Actor John Marley who, in the Godfather, woke to find a horse’s head in his bed, is buried in a Paramus, NJ cemetery. Nearby is Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer. And yards from Singer is the grave of one of NATJA’s founders, Sandy Nesoff. The book goes modern with the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum in the hamlet of Teterboro.

Nesoff has completed the manuscript for his third book, Mysterious Mike Malone, about the Federal agent who went undercover with Al Capone for 18-months and brought the gangster down. He was then brought in to work on the Lindbergh Kidnapping and was instrumental in helping to solve the case. The book will be out in the Fall of 2023. He has been given the ok to begin research on his next book, “The Greatest Sports Rivalry In America: New York vs Boston that will be out in 2024. All three books have been commissioned by Arcadia Publishers. The history book was published by the History Press Division of Arcadia. And adding to this, Nesoff has sold the movie rights to his novel, Spyder Hole, about terrorists trying to set off nuclear weapons in London and New York.

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