Happy 2021!

We hope that you all had safe and healthy holidays.

The year 2020 was filled with news headlines that would make any other year cower in a corner. Yet, we have endured and look to 2021 with more optimism. In a few short days, a new presidential administration will take the helm in the United States, and it is our hope that a more aggressive plan against COVID-19 will be enacted. The presence and administration of effective vaccines further spurs this hope.

We are eager, as we are sure you all are, to get back to being tourists, exploring new destinations, and sharing these adventures with the rest of the world!

This year NATJA celebrates its 30 year anniversary! We would not be in existence had it not been for the vision of Dan Schlossberg, Bob and Sandy Nesoff, and the thirteen other journalists who banded together to form NATJA. I don’t think they could have imagined the vibrant community that has evolved. Thank you for creating NATJA. To our members, thank you for your commitment and dedication to our organization. You will all be receiving a new membership pin in commemoration of this milestone. Let’s all raise a glass to our 30th!

Our NATJA team has been in touch with Discover Puerto Rico and we will have an announcement soon about new conference dates.

On the NATJA Awards Competition, the entries are now in the hands of judges. We hope to have winners selected by mid-March. Just a reminder that the competition started one month later than usual, so our announcement will come later than previous years.

Please stay safe and healthy in this new year!

Kind regards,
Helen Hernandez

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