(LITTLE ROCK, ARK.) – Arkansas State Parks remain open at this time to provide needed outdoor spaces for our guests. While we have some diminished services, the parks are open for day-use activities including hiking, running, cycling, fishing, paddling, wildlife watching, etc.

It’s vital that people find ways to engage in physical activity and be out in nature during this time; the benefits to our immune systems and our mental health are significant. But it is critical that we do so in ways that will help keep everyone safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Before a visit to one of our parks, check the current status at each park by visiting https://www.arkansasstateparks.com/covid-19-update.

It is important to remember that Arkansas State Parks are not the only outdoor spaces that remain open. Arkansas is blessed with thousands of square miles of national forests, lakes and rivers, and regional and city parks right in your own backyard. While many of these places are also experiencing diminished services, most are still open to day-use activities and are excellent places to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining safe distances from other people. Please contact these parks directly for closure information or search online for updates.
During the COVID-19 event, things are changing quickly and parks across the state are working to respond to these conditions to keep our guests safe. Please respect our park staff when asked to not congregate or when they must close various facilities in the parks. Social distancing means physical distancing. People who live in the same household need to keep 6 feet from others.
Below are some recommendations on how to keep yourself, other guests and park staff, safe when spending time outdoors during this pandemic:
GO SOLO AND AVOID CROWDS: #6FeetApart #PhysicalDistancing 


ADPHT has three major divisions: Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Heritage, and Arkansas Tourism. Arkansas State Parks manages 52 state parks and promotes Arkansas as a tourist destination for people around the country. Arkansas Heritage preserves and promotes Arkansas’s natural and cultural history and heritage through four historic museums and four cultural preservation agencies. Arkansas Tourism improves the state’s economy by generating travel and enhancing the image of the state.

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