Explore Fairbanks Spotlights New Aurora Tracker Video

Fairbanks, Alaska (AK) –Under the veil of darkness, the aurora borealis, like magic, appears and dances across the sky. This mesmerizing and compelling natural phenomenon lures travelers to the Fairbanks region where the northern lights are commonplace. Because this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon frequents the skies above Fairbanks there is a growing alliance of Aurora Trackers, […]

The COVID “blues:” King Biscuit Blues Festival

In March 2020, life changed in Arkansas. Events were cancelled. Social distancing became the norm. Yet plans for the annual King Biscuit Blues Festival continued, as organizers hoped life would return to normal by October. Historic Helena’s King Biscuit Blues Festival, held annually in October, welcomes thousands of visitors to the banks of the Mississippi […]

Maurice Jones: Town Manager, Chapel Hill

What does it mean to manage a town? Is it even possible? A town would seem, by its very nature, to be unmanageable: too many moving parts, too many moving people. That’s why the job is not for everybody and why, when you get a good one, you can count yourself very lucky indeed. Chapel […]

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