Spirit of Kalliope Award: Keith Bellows

Grand Prize Winners

Photography – David Noyes
Travel Journalism – Michael Luongo
Publication – Virtuoso Life
Convention & Visitors Bureaus/Destination Marketing Organizations – Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

Media – General Travel Articles

Category 100: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper – Greater than 250,000

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Blue-eyed Ruler, Empty Ruins Color Syria’s Old, Sexist Cities,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Ceil Miller-Bouchet, “A Richer Bordeaux,” The Washington Post Magazine
  • Bronze: Sarah Staples, “Wine in Quebec? Heard it Through the Grapevine,” Los Angeles Times

Category 100A: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper – Less than 250,000

  • Gold: Janet Podolak, “Say bonjour to something different,” News-Herald
  • Silver: Christine Tibbetts, “Kathmandu, Nepal,” Tifton Gazette
  • Bronze: Lisa Te Sonne, “Some of the Baltic’s Best,” Ventura County Star

Category 101: Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine

  • Gold: Raphael Kadushin, “Rite of Spring,” Conde Nast Traveler
  • Silver: Keith Bellows, “The Lost World,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze (tie): Andrew Evans, “Bus 2 Antarctica,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze (tie): Adam Sachs, “Welcome to New Zealand,” Travel & Leisure

Category 102: Destination Travel, International Newspaper – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Adrian Brijbassi, “Beauty and the Beach,” Toronto Star
  • Silver: Adrian Brijbassi, “Montreal’s indie music scene sizzles,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Ellen Creager, “Tax Heaven Vacation,” Detroit Free Press

Category 102A: Destination Travel, International Newspaper – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Lindor Reynolds, “Norway’s grandeur is unforgettable,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Silver: Ron Pradinuk, “Antiquities Road Show,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Bronze: Chris McBeath, “Honouring the Sands of Memory,” Kamloops This Week

Category 103: Destination Travel, International Magazine

  • Gold: Robert Draper, “Treasures of Tunisia,” Virtuoso Life Magazine
  • Silver: David Noyes, “The Sacred City of Shiva,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Bronze: Michael DeFreitas, “Baja Bliss,” Ensemble Vacations

Category 104: Byline Travel Column – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Daisann McLane, “Real Travel: The Lies We Tell,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Keith Bellows, “One on One: Going to Extremes,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Peter Jon Lindberg, “Opinion: Stop the Music!,” Travel & Leisure

Category 104A: Byline Travel Column – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Janet Podolak, “Tips for trips: Homework the one essential for best, cheapest, safest travel,” News-Herald
  • Silver: Paul Rubio, “Hotel Envy in ‘Gay Paris’,” Florida Agenda Newspaper
  • Bronze: Stacey Wittig, “If You Love Northern Arizona, You’ll Love Reno-Tahoe,” Pinewood News

Category 105: Travel Series – Magazine

  • Gold: Mike Guy, “Three Perfect Days,” Hemispheres
  • Silver: William Purpura, “AAA Celebrity Travel Series,” Home & Away Magazine
  • Bronze: Keith Bellows , “50 Places of a Lifetime: The World’s Greatest Destinations, Part II,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 105A: Travel Series – Newspaper

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Iraq – Travel Series – Bloomberg Babylon & Baghdad,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Adrian Brijbassi, “World Cup Travel to South Africa,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Jill Schensul, “The New Old World: A cruise of Eastern Europe,” The Record

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Print

Category 120: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Luke Barr, “Return to Sonoma,” Travel & Leisure
  • Silver: Layla Schlack, “Hive Minded,” Hemispheres
  • Bronze: Lola Akinmade, “Rockabilly,” Hemispheres

Category 121: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Keith Bellows, “A Ride on the Wildside,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Elaine Glusac, “Back at the Ranch,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Jill Schensul, “Attached to the RV Life,” The Record

Category 122: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Margie Goldsmith, “Where the Road Meets the Sky,” Women’s Running Magazine
  • Silver: Dina Mishev, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” Go
  • Bronze: Geoff Kirbyson, “Going bananas over oranges,” Winnipeg Free Press

Category 123: Resorts

  • Gold: Charles Kulander, “Best Hotels: Stay List 2010,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Charles Gandee, “Star of Dubai,” Travel & Leisure
  • Bronze (tie): Amy Rosen, “Sparkling Hill Resort offers Okanagan oasis,” Globe & Mail
  • Bronze (tie): Lisa Trottier, “Privacy, Please,” San Francisco Magazine

Category 124: Cruises

  • Gold: Janice Mucalov, “The Nile River: Cruising Cleopatra Style,” Cruise & Travel Lifestyles
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “Untouched by Time,” Global Traveler
  • Bronze: Remy Scalza, “Afraid to Commit? Try microcruising,” The Washington Post

Category 125: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Jayme Otto, “The Healing Power of Running,” Women’s Running Magazine
  • Silver: Cleo Paskal, “Garden at the end the world,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Keith Bellows, “One on One: Going to Extremes,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 126: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Babylon Ruins Translate Into Tourist Dollars for Hopeful Iraqis,” Bloomberg News
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Malta: Rock of Ages,” Ensemble Vacations Magazine
  • Bronze (tie): Dale Sanders, “Fort Morgan Cay, The Guardian of Port Royal Harbor,” Antique Bottle & Glass Collector
  • Bronze (tie): Linda Fasteson, “A Golden Discovery,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle

Category 127: Mature Travel and Travelers

  • Gold: Linda Fasteson, “Wild Oklahoma,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle

Category 128: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Michael Schuman, “Science of Hocus Pocus,” Nashua Telegraph
  • Silver: George Burden, “Princess for a Day,” The Medical Post
  • Bronze: Heather Greenwood Davis, “Who’s Afraid of a Big Family Trip to Peru?,” Canadian Family Magazine

Category 129: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Lygia Navarro, “Mexico’s Soul Food,” Afar
  • Silver: Peter Jon Lindberg, “Vietnam: The Ultimate Food Tour,” Travel & Leisure
  • Bronze (tie): Remy Scalza, “Chill before serving,” The Washington Post
  • Bronze (tie): Elizabeth Berg, “Amalfi Coast – A Moveable Feast,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 130: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Jayme Otto, “Transformational Travel,” Breathe Magazine
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “My Baghdad Beckons with Bazaars, Cafes, Hopeful People,” Bloomberg News
  • Bronze: Sarah Staples, “Taking a Gullah Tour of Charleston,” Miami Herald

Category 131: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Kim Brown Seely, “Out of the Mist,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Melina Gerosa Bellows, “In Search of Magic,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Susan Nerberg, “Svalbard Science Project”, Enroute

Category 132: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Jill Schensul, “An Offer Too Good to Refuse – Or Is It?” The Record
  • Silver: John Lee, “Broke Britannia,” MoneySense Magazine
  • Bronze: Lindor Reynolds, “Budget Travel,” Winnipeg Free Press

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Internet

Category 140: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Amy Rosen, “Once Upon a Lifetime in Vienna,” perceptivetravel.com
  • Silver: Lola Akinmade, “Back to Sender,” Matador Network
  • Bronze: Margie Goldsmith, “Crossing the Street into Chi Minh City,” HuffingtonPost.com

Category 141: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Carole Herdegen, “The Love of Luxury,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Silver: Peter Rose, “Patagonian Panoramas,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Margie Goldsmith, “ZORB Globe Riding,” healinglifestyles.com

Category 142: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Julian Smith, “The Most Beautiful Trail in the West,” Enroute
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “Two Wheels, Two Drinks: Biking Through America’s Heartland,” perceptivetravel.com

Category 143: Resorts

  • Gold: George Burden, “Chilling Out at Quebec City’s Le Chateau Entente,” lifeasahuman.com
  • Silver: Kara Williams, “A Perfect Day at the Broadmoor, Colorado’s 5-Star Luxury Resort,” TheVacationGals.com
  • Bronze: Dale Sanders, “St. Barts, Cote d’Azur Caribbean Style,” Islands & Coastal Destinations – Examiner

Category 144: Cruises

  • Gold: Paul Rubio, “Amazonia Re-invented,” Outtraveler.com
  • Silver: Nell Raun-Linde, “Cruising the Amazon River from Santarem to Manaus,” OffBeatTravel.com
  • Bronze: Lisa Codianne Fowler, “Getting Personal in the British Virgin Islands,” Travelworld International Magazine

Category 145: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Sarah Steinberg, “Leaders of the pack – Tim Fletcher from The Stills,” Enroute

Category 146: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Suzanne Corbett, “Seeing Rock City,” St. Louis Globe-Democrat.com
  • Silver: Georgia Hesse, “A Sense of Travel,” Foreign Travel Club of S.F.

Category 148: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Howard Hian, “Houseboating with My Pirate Pals,” Travel Savvy News
  • Silver: Margo McDonough, “We May Not Have Changed the World…” Global Writes

Category 149: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Dale Sanders, “Chef’s Table Extraordinaire,” Islands & Coastal Destinations – Examiner
  • Silver: Nell Raun-Linde, “Los Gatos, Gem of the Foothill,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Suzanne Corbett, “Gourmet Getaway to Door County, Wisconsin,” St. Louis Globe-Democrat.com

Category 150: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Dave G. Houser, “For Australia’s Aborigines, Diamonds Aren’t Forever,” Denverpost.com
  • Silver: Jill Robinson, “Exploring the Backstreets Behind HBO’s ‘Treme’,” tonic.com
  • Bronze: George Burden, “Having a Ball, Vienna Style,” lifeasahuman.com

Category 151: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Tim Leffel, “Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos,” Transitions Abroad
  • Silver: Karin Leperi, “Fantastic Voyage: Recreating the Sacred Mayan Journey,” Matador Network/Brave New Traveler
  • Bronze: Adam H. Graham, “Worst Medical Tourism Disasters,” Travel & Leisure

Category 152: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Sarah Pascarella, “The 10 Worst Travel Rip-offs… and How to Avoid Them,” SmarterTravel.com
  • Silver: Jennifer Miner, “Cheap East Hampton Vacation Attractions,” TheVacationGals.com

MEDIA – Electronic, Video, Broadcast

Category 155: Travel Journalism Website

  • Gold: National Geographic Traveler, http://traveler.nationalgeographic.com
  • Silver: USA Today Travel, www.usatoday.com/travel

Category 156: Publication/Commercial Blog

Category 156A: Independent Blog

  • Gold: The Vacation Gals, www.thevacationgals.com
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, Cheapest Destinations Blog, http://travel.booklocker.com
  • Bronze: Emma Krasov, Art and Entertain Me, www.artandentertainme.blogspot.com

Category 157: Travel App

  • Gold: Greater Lansing Mobile App for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Silver: San Francisco Restaurants, Jules Older and Effin Older

MEDIA – Photography, Illustration

Category 170: Overall Excellence

  • Gold: David Noyes, “The Sacred City of Shiva,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Silver: Leda & St. Jacques, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Montreal,” Enroute
  • Silver: Melissa Farlow, “Tweet Me in Miami,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Lorne Bridgman, “Buenos Aires Social Club,” Enroute

Category 171: Cover Photo, Illustration

  • Gold: Istvan Banyai, Cover, Hemispheres
  • Silver: Jill Schensul, “Back Channels of Eastern Europe: Sighisoara,” The Record
  • Bronze: Christian Kerber, December 2009 Cover, Travel & Leisure

Category 172: Landscape, Seascape

  • Gold: Remy Scalza, “Rugged Respite in Brazil’s Lush Backyard, “ San Francisco Chronicle
  • Silver: Peter Rose, “Bergs on Ice and Rock, Tierra del Fuego,” Travelworld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Will Van Overbeek, “1,000 Islands of Summer,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 173: Portrait, People

  • Gold: David Radabaugh, “Steve Martin’s Big Year,” American Way
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Inca Baby,” Outpost Magazine
  • Bronze: David Lasker, “Hans Staud,” Toronto Star

Category 174: Facility, Architectural

  • Gold: Melissa Farlow, “America’s Green City,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Robert Jerome, “Sydney’s Heartbeat: Darling Harbour,” The Rail Monthly

MEDIA – Miscellaneous

Category 190: Travel Book or Guide

  • Gold: Maureen Ebersole, Paris While We’re Young
  • Silver: Peter Rose, With Few Reservations
  • Bronze: Linda Ballou, Lost Angel Walkabout – One Traveler’s Tales

Category 191: Trade Travel Article

  • Gold: Deanna Ting, “The Rules of Attraction: How to Attract First-Time Clients,” Travel Age West
  • Silver: Carla Marie Rupp, “Orlando ‘Pow Wow’ Showcased Travel PR Feast,” O’Dwyer’s Magazine The Travel Issue

Category 192: Travel Tips & Advice

  • Gold: Jean-François Légaré, Isa Tousignant, & Susan Nerberg, “The Considerate Traveller,” Enroute
  • Silver: Sarah Staples, “Have the Itch to Travel? Take Some Tips from a Bedbug Expert,” Globe & Mail
  • Bronze: Jennifer Miner, “Fear of Flying – Tips for Easier Air Travel,” The Vacation Gals


Category 200: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Chicago Office of Tourism, Explore Chicago: Eat, Play, Love our Neighborhoods E-Book
  • Silver: Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, Greater Lansing Official Visitor Guide 2010
  • Bronze: Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau, Paradise Coast Visitors’ Guide

Category 200A: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: South County Tourism, 2010 South County Style Vacation Planner
  • Silver: Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association, Official Guide to Glenwood Springs 2010-2011

Category 201: Destination Video – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, New Hotels and Meetings Space – Bigger, Bolder, Beautiful Video
  • Silver: Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitors Bureau, Paradise Coast Destination Video
  • Bronze: Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Not Just Another Pretty Book

Category 202: Destination Website – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, www.vbfun.com

Category 202A: Destination Website – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, VisitPalmSprings.com

Category 203: Social Media or Marketing Campaign – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Virginia Beach’s Social Media Campaign
  • Silver: Chicago Office of Tourism,Explore Chicago Integrated Social Media Campaign
  • Bronze: Positively Cleveland, Positively Cleveland YouTube Channel (with Freddie Coffey)

Category 203A: Social Media or Marketing Campaign – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: Lindsborg, KS Convention & Visitors Bureau, Lindsborg, KS Convention & Visitors Bureau Marketing Campaign
  • Silver: Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Go Pasadena” Smartphone App


Category 300: Newspaper Travel Section

  • Gold: The Record

Category 301: Travel Magazine

  • Gold: Virtuoso Life
  • Silver (tie): National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver (tie): Ensemble Vacations

Category 302: In-Flight Magazine

  • Gold: enRoute
  • Silver: Go
  • Bronze: American Way Magazine