Publication – Virtuoso Life
Convention & Visitors Bureaus/Destination Marketing Organizations – Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Photography – Catherine Karnow & David Noyes
Travel Journalism – Andrew McCarthy

MEDIA – General Travel Articles

Category 100: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper – Greater than 250,000 Circulation          

  • Gold: Anja Mutic, “In Croatia, Retreating into Her Past,” The Washington Post 
  • Silver: Andrew McCarthy, “In Ireland, Optimism is in the Air,” L.A. Times
  • Bronze: Max Anderson, “King of The Road,” The Sydney Morning Herald

Category 100A: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Laura Robin, “Seoul Time: You can stay in a Korean temple, learning the Zen Buddhist lifestyle,” The Ottawa Citizen
  • Silver: Christine Tibbetts, “Experience New York City with century old immigrant eyes,” Tifton GA Gazette
  • Bronze: Aurelie Resch, “My Toronto,” L’Express De Toronto

Category 101: Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, “Courting Vienna,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Kim Brown Seely, “The New China,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Andrew McCarthy, “The Wildside of Costa Rica,” Travel + Leisure
  • Finalist: Andrew Nelson, “Rise and Shine Detroit,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Gary Shteyngart, “The New Russia,” Travel + Leisure

Category 102: Destination Travel, International Newspaper – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Lucas Aykroyd, “On Tintin’s trail to adventures in Peru,” Toronto Star
  • Silver: Lucas Aykroyd, “Whooshing backward at 160 km an hour,” The Globe and Mail

Category 102A: Destination Travel, International Newspaper – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Chris McBeath, “Prague on the Fly,” The Richmond News
  • Silver: Ron  Pradinuk, “Switzerland-Ticino fills a unique border space,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Bronze: Lucas Aykroyd, “Spinning a whale of a tale,” Vancouver Sun

Category 103: Destination Travel, International Magazine

  • Gold: Ellen Himelfarb, “London by Kayak,” enRoute Magazine
  • Silver: David McGimpsey, “North by Northwest Territories,” enRoute Magazine
  • Bronze: Jason Oliver Nixon, “China: A Tale of Two Cities,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Finalist: Victor Block, “Great Britain – Two Towns,” Vacation
  • Finalist: Michael DeFreitas, “China Between Bookends,” Just for Canadian Dentists
  • Finalist: David Noyes, “Access to a Dream: Nepal’s Everest Highway,” Lifestyle + Travel

Category 104: Byline Travel Column – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Boyd Matson, “Unbound: Jumping to Conclusions,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Peter Jon Lindberg, “Words Fail Me,” Travel + Leisure
  • Bronze: Carlton Stowers, “Heartland,” American Way

Category 104A: Byline Travel Column – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Jill Schensul, “Memories of Mom Are Mutually Tied to Travel,” The Record
  • Silver: Bobbie Green, “Mob Makes Another Hit in Vegas,” The Spectrum
  • Bronze: Susan Cohn, “Milwaukee’s Historic Pfister Hotel Weaves the Past and the Present,” San Mateo Daily Journal
  • Finalist: Ron Pradinuk, “Ask Journeys – Proper Travel Insurance Coverage Crucial,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Finalist: Stacey Wittig, “Wine and the Ranching Lifestyle: Balm for the Soul,” Arizona Vines and Wines

Category 105: Travel Series – Magazine

  • Gold: Ink, “Three Perfect Days,” Hemispheres Magazine
  • Silver: Gini Alhadeff, Maira Kalman, Mark Leyner, Sam Lipsyte, Patricia Marx, Andrew McCarthy, and Gary Shteyngart, “Let’s Get Lost,” Travel + Leisure
  • Bronze: Marc Kassouf, “Gay & Lesbian Travel Series,” TravelWorld International
  • Finalist: Tanvi Chheda, Jason Oliver Nixon, and Shawn Gilliam, “1 City 5 Ways,” Delta Sky Magazine

Category 105A: Travel Series – Newspaper

  • Gold: Linda Fasteson, “The Swiss Experience,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle
  • Silver: Ron Pradinuk, “Go Big + Cruise Seven Seas in Opulence,” Winnipeg Free Press

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Print

Category 120: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Cathy Newman, “Russian Summer,” National Geographic
  • Silver: Jim Richardson, “My Scottish Obsession,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze: Jayme Moye, “Warrior Blood,” Wend Winter 2011/2012
  • Finalist: Margie Goldsmith, “Joint Venture,” American Way
  • Finalist: Michael Luongo, “Buenos Aires & Patagonia,” American Way
  • Finalist: Stephen J. Lyons, Chicago’s Culture Coast, American Way
  • Finalist: Andrew McCarthy, “The Auld Sod,” Caribbean Travel & Life

Category 121: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Melina Gerosa Bellows, “The Buzz in Mexico,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Margie Goldsmith, “Facing My Demons on the CN Tower Edge Walk,” The Globe & Mail
  • Bronze: Anja Mutic, “In Croatia, Retreating into Her Past,” The Washington Post 
  • Finalist: Carole Herdegen, “Discover the Society Islands aboard the Paul Gauguin,” Elegant Living Magazine

Category 122: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, “Sky Walker,” AAA Westways
  • Silver: Peter Bronski, “Big Kat,” Climbing
  • Bronze: Margie Goldsmith, “Facing My Demons on the CN Tower Edge Walk,” The Globe & Mail
  • Finalist: Michael DeFreitas, “Diving Paradise,” Sunqwest Inflight Magazine
  • Finalist: Michael DeFreitas, “2000 Miles,” Highways Magazine
  • Finalist: Susan Nerberg, “Happy Trails,” enRoute Magazine

Category 123: Resorts

  • Gold: Kim Brown Seely, “Authentic Indonesia,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Elaine Glusac, “Outdoor Life,” Private Clubs
  • Bronze: Adam McCulloch, “Star of India,” enRoute Magazine
  • Finalist: Sheila Hansen, “It’s a Wheel World After All,” Westworld Saskatchewan

Category 124: Cruises

  • Gold: Remy  Scalza, “Into the Blue,” enRoute Magazine
  • Silver: Daniel Mendelsohn, “A Modern Odyssey,” Travel + Leisure
  • Bronze: Lucinda Hahn, “Mother River,” AAA Living
  • Bronze: Marika McElroy Cain, “Taking to the River,” Virtuoso Life
  • Finalist: Michael DeFreitas, “Cast Off for Alaska,” World Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Irene S. Levine, “Solo Cruising: A refreshing alternative to singles cruises,” Boston Globe

Category 125: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, “The Cycle of Life,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Jayme Moye, “Finding Her Path,” Women’s Adventure
  • Bronze: Sarah  Staples, “Insight: Francois Barbeau,” Oryx Inflight Magazine

Category 126: Historical Travel

  • Gold: Michael Rosenfeld, “Jerusalem by the Book,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Adam Pitluk, “A River’s Gonna Flow ‘Cross the Land,” American Way
  • Bronze: Tony Horwitz, “On the War Path,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Justin Davidson, “The Virtual Neighborhood,” Travel + Leisure
  • Finalist: Skye Mayring, “Cape Escape,” TravelAge West
  • Finalist: Andrew McCarthy, “Food for a Weary Soul,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Michael Schuman, “WWI History Alive at Museum,” Tulsa World

Category 127: Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Reggie Nadelson, “Obsessions: Stockholm Syndrome,” Travel + Leisure
  • Silver: Jill Schensul, “Curiosity Spots,” The Record

Category 128: 50+ Travel and Travelers

  • Gold: Don Mankin, “Zipping Over Copper Canyon, Mexico,” Active Over 50
  • Silver: Irene S. Levine, “Carrying on an ancient tradition with sedar at sea,” Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Bronze: Linda Fasteson, “The Peninsula Pinnacle,” Living Well, The Sun Chronicle
  • Finalist: Victor Block, “China’s Shandong Province a contract between ancient and modern life,” Fifty Plus  Richmond, VA
  • Finalist: Ann Terry Hill, “Kona Favorites,” Boom, Boomers & Beyond

Category 129: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Keith Bellows, “A World of Wonder,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Max Anderson, “King of The Road,” The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Bronze: Elaine Glusac, “All Hands on Deck,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Mark Jenkins, “Big Cat Diary,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Janeen Christoff, ”Adventures Fit for a Cowgirl,” Family Getaways

Category 130: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Adam Sachs, “The Best Little Eating Town in Europe,” Travel + Leisure
  • Silver: Taras Grescoe, “A Taste of Montreal,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze: Irene S. Levine, “The history and culture of Peru through its foods,” Boston Globe
  • Finalist: Mary Luz Mejia, “Istria: Going for Gold,” Ensemble Vacations
  • Finalist: Mary Luz Mejia, “L’Art de Vivre in France’s Wild West,” Ensemble Vacations
  • Finalist: Amy Rosen, “Naked Lunch,” enRoute Magazine
  • Finalist: Anya von Bremzen, “Pizza Quest: Napoli vs. Roma,” Travel + Leisure

Category 131: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Edward Readicker-Henderson, “Cheating Death,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Jayme Moye, “Dogless in the Desert,” The Bark
  • Bronze: Michael Luongo, “Belly Dancers in Cairo Clubs Flaunt Sensual Undulations,” Bloomberg News
  • Finalist: Nancy Pistorius, “Art + Soul,” Springfield’s Own Magazine

Category 132: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Michael Behar, “The Great Space Coaster,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Anja Mutic, “In Croatia, Retreating into Her Past,” The Washington Post 
  • Bronze (tie): Costas Christ, “Tales from the Frontier: The Beach Report,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze (tie): Paul Rubio, “Call of the Wild,” Palm Beach Illustrated
  • Finalist: Lola Akinmade Akerstrom, “Stockholm’s Green Groove,” Thai Airways’ Sawasdee In-Flight Magazine
  • Finalist: Sharon Spence Lieb, “Take a Walk on the wild side in Manitoba,” The Moultrie News
  • Finalist: Jill Schensul, “Adventure on the Amazon,” The Record
  • Finalist: Fyllis Hockman, “Costa Rica: Ahead of Its Time and Most other Countries,” Creators News Service 

Category 133: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Jill Schensul, “Buying gifts abroad a strain on luggage,” The Record
  • Silver: John Lee, “Heart & Seoul,” MoneySense Magazine

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Internet

Category 140: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: David Noyes, “Camel Fair,” TRVL
  • Silver: Julie Burnham, “Greek Medley,” AAA Living
  • Bronze: Fyllis Hockman, “Appolonia Bakery: Where History Never Tasted so Good,”
  • Finalist: Margie Goldsmith, “All aboard the International Express to Queens,” Latitude News
  • Finalist: Susan Wood, “Trains take the stress out of traveling in England,” Lake Tahoe News

Category 141: Leisure Activity

  • Gold: Jennifer Miner, “Family Camping at Ventura Ranch KOA Campground,” The Vacation Gals
  • Silver: Fyllis Hockman, “Once Upon A Vine: A Unique Gathering of Grapes,”

Category 142: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “Wings of Kilimanjaro: Prepping to Paraglide Down Africa’s Tallest Mountain,” National Geographic Adventure
  • Silver: Lisa Te Sonne, “Joy of the Jellies,” National Geographic Intelligent Travel
  • Bronze (tie): Karen Berger, “Diving with Bull Sharks in Pacific Harbour, Fiji,”
  • Bronze (tie): Elaine Glusac, “Bears, Up Close and Personal, in the Alaskan Wilderness,”
  • Finalist: Jennifer Miner, “Grotto Canyon Ice Hiking, Banff National Park,” The Vacation Gals
  • Finalist: Kara  Williams, “Snorkeling with Whale Sharks near Cancun, Mexico,”

Category 143: Resorts

  • Gold: Marc Kassouf, “Maroma by Orient Express surpasses expectations,” TravelAge West Magazine
  • Silver: Fyllis Hockman, “Mohonk: Old World Flavor Tastefully Wrapped in Casual Elegance,”
  • Bronze: Paul Rubio, “Historical ‘Glampin’: Yosemite’s Ahwanhee Hotel,”

Category 144: Cruises

  • Gold: Sarah  Staples, “9 Big Events You Can Cruise to in 2012,”
  • Silver: Sarah  Staples, “640 Cruises and Counting: Tips from Royal Caribbean’s Most Loyal Passenger,”
  • Bronze: John Edwards, “Koh Commotion: Mister Friendly,” Hack Writers
  • Finalist: Dale  Sanders, “Antiquities Cruise Aboard Corinthian 11,”

Category 145: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Sarah  Staples, “640 Cruises and Counting: Tips from Royal Caribbean’s Most Loyal Passenger,”
  • Silver: Lucas Aykroyd, “Victoria delights Britain’s greatest fictional characters,”
  • Bronze: Sarah  Staples, “Gaston Acurio: Meet the New Star Chef Everyone’s Talking About,”

Category 146: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Elaine Glusac, “How to Eat Like a King for Christmas,”
  • Silver (tie): Tim Leffel, “Bouncing Back from Terror in Budapest,” Perceptive Travel
  • Silver (tie): Susan Wood, “Ancient town of Bath Matures into Modern Marvel,” Lake Tahoe News
  • Bronze: Michael Schuman, “Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing,”
  • Finalist: Karen Berger, “Exploring the Ruined City of Petra in Jordan,”
  • Finalist: John Edwards, “Viking Voluntourism: Tall Tales of Tallin,” Hack Writers
  • Finalist: John Edwards, “Extreme Adventures in Extremadura,” Real Travel Adventures
  • Finalist: Howard  Hian, “The Aztec Eagles of World War II,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Finalist: Carla Marie Rupp, “Fiddling and Dancing at Adult Camp,”

Category 147: 50+ Travel and Travelers

  • Gold: Irene S. Levine, “The First All-Inclusive Vacations: Reminiscences of Club Med,”
  • Silver (tie): Victor Block, “Key West is an attitude,”
  • Silver (tie): Don Mankin, “Belfast–Bloody Past, Hopeful Future,” Huffington Post

Category 148: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Jennifer Miner, “Bodies the Exhibition NYC,” The Vacation Gals
  • Silver: Howard  Hian, “Can We Go to The Rim?,” Military Press
  • Bronze: Kate Pocock, “Hip Havana for Teens,” AOL Canada Travel Channel
  • Finalist: Traci Suppa, “Gatorland: World’s Largest Collection of White Alligators, Orlando, FL,” Go BIG or Go Home Travel Blog

Category 149: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: John Edwards, “Java Journey: Café Hopping in the Hot Spots of Indonesia,” Real Travel Adventures
  • Silver: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “10 Things to Know About Sweden’s Food Culture,”
  • Bronze: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “Sweden’s Stinky Tradition,” BBC Travel
  • Finalist: Paul Rubio, “San Diego: West Coast Foodie Wonderland,”

Category 150: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “Where Wild Women Go,” Breathe
  • Silver: Jennifer Miner, “Hawaii History and Culture: Princess Ka’iulani,” The Vacation Gals
  • Bronze: John Edwards, “The Mauritian Chronicles: Diwali at its Best,” Travelmag
  • Finalist: Margie Goldsmith, ”Being Jewish in Bible-Belt Branson,” National Geographic Intelligent Travel

Category 151: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Tim Leffel, From Red to Green in Bulgaria, Preceptive Travel
  • Silver: Karen Berger, Watching a Tri-Continental Bird Migration in Israel’s Hula Valley,
  • Bronze (tie): Karen Berger, “Mahout for a Day,”
  • Bronze (tie): Sarah  Staples, “9 Big Events You Can Cruise to in 2012,”
  • Finalist: Jennifer Miner, “Sustainable Luxury Travel Plans,” The Vacation Gals

Category 152: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Tim Leffel, “Southeast Asia on a Shoestring: 20 Years (and a Child) Later,”
  • Silver: Nell Raun-Linde, “An Affordable Gateway to Italian Art & Architecture,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Nancy Pistorius, “Baltimore on a Budget,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Finalist: John Lee, “The Best of Vancouver for Free,” BBC Travel/Lonely Planet

MEDIA – Electronic, Video, Broadcast

Category 153: Travel Broadcast (Television, Radio, Podcast and Web Series)

  • Gold: Micah Donovan, “Will Fish for Food,” enRoute/onAir
  • Silver: Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen, and Jen Leo, “ Podcast,”
  • Bronze: Dan Schlossberg, “Jim Loomis: Author of ‘Great American Train Trips’,” The Maggie Linton Show

Category 154: Travel Journalism Website

  • Gold: Keith Bellows, Zain Habboo, and Carolyn Fox, National Geographic Traveler Magazine,,
  • Silver: Nathan DePetris and Marc Kassouf, Gay Travel Herald,
  • Bronze: Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel,
  • Finalist: Karen Berger, Bucket Tripper,

Category 155: Travel Blog

  • Gold: Gary Arndt, Everything Everywhere,
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, Cheapest Destinations Blog,
  • Bronze: Shelly Rivoli, The Travels with Baby Tips Blog,
  • Finalist: Kimberlee Roth, TravelerWrites Blog,

Category 156: Travel App

  • Gold: Kathie Gartrell, Keith Bellows, Taras Grescoe, Catherine Karnow, Dan Westergren, and Jerry Sealy, “A Taste of Montreal,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Gary Arndt, Everthing Everywhere Travel Photography
  • Bronze: Julie Hatfield, Boston Arts & Culture

MEDIA – Photography, Illustration

Category 170: Overall Excellence

  • Gold – Single Photo: Martha Camarillo, “New Masters,” Travel + Leisure
  • Gold – Story Photoset: David Noyes, “Nepal’s Everest Highway,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Silver (tie): Catherine Karnow, “Courting Vienna,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver (tie): Dave  Yoder, “Charlie Chaplin’s Venice,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze: Leda & St. Jacques, “For the Love of Country,” enRoute Magazine

Category 171: Cover Photo, Illustration

  • Gold: Frans Lanting, “Untamed Adventure,” AAA Living
  • Silver: Chris Nicholls, “Mexico City’s Golden Moment,” enRoute Magazine
  • Bronze: Karina Medrig, “Earn your Stripes on Canada’s Wildest Slopes,” enRoute Magazine

Category 172: Landscape, Seascape

  • Gold: David Noyes, “Roof of the World,” Lifestyle + Travel
  • Silver: Macduff Everton, “Japan’s Past Perfect,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze: Nathan DePetris, “Perfect autumn afternoon in Piesport, Germany,”
  • Finalist: Ron  Pradinuk, “Nueltin Lake Shore Lunch,” Winnipeg Free Press

Category 173: Portrait, People

  • Gold: Catherine Karnow, “Courting Vienna,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Remy  Scalza, “Reggae on the Beach,” The Province 
  • Bronze: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “Through the Lens: Kwazulu-natal, South Africa,” National Geographic Channel/Geotraveler’s Niche
  • Bronze: Michael DeFreitas, “Uros Indians of Peru,” Global Traveler
  • Finalist: Peter Yang, “Andy Samberg,” American Way

Category 174: Facility, Architectural

  • Gold: Nathan DePetris, “Spiderweb of steel and glass,”
  • Silver: Robert Jerome, “Versailles in Winter,” The Rail Monthly
  • Bronze: Robert Jerome, “EMP Museum, Seattle Center,” The Rail Monthly

Category 176: Photo Essay

  • Gold: Gary Arndt, Photo Essay – The Canary Islands,
  • Silver: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “The Spirit of Lapland,” Wild Junket
  • Bronze: Andrew Rowat, “Picturing Barcelona,” enRoute Magazine
  • Finalist: Troy Petenbrink, “Halifax, Nova Scotia: Must-See Attractions,”

MEDIA – Miscellaneous

Category 190: Travel Book or Guide

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, The Longest Way Home
  • Silver: Ken Budd, The Voluntourist: A Six-Country Tale of Love, Loss, Fatherhood, Fate, and Singing Bon Jovi in Bethlehem

Category 191: Trade Travel Article

  • Gold: Skye Mayring, “Festivals of the World,” TravelAge West
  • Silver: Chris McBeath, “Attracting Gen Y Guests,” Alberta Hospitality & InnFocus Magazine
  • Bronze: Jennifer Miner, “Pets in Airplanes – Open Question About the Airline Industry,” The Vacation Gals

Category 192: Travel Roundups

  • Gold: Rachel Howard, Sarah Karnasie Wicz, Michael Shapiro, Christopher Hal, Molly Feltner, Adam H. Graham, Keith Bellows, Meghan Miner, Andrew Evans, “Best of the World,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Margaret Loftus, “50 Tours of a Lifetime: The Transformers,” National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Bronze: Michael Luongo, “Evita’s Buenos Aires,” The New York Times 
  • Finalist: Elaine Glusac, “Port Authority,” Virtuoso Life

Category 192A: Travel Tips & Advice

  • Gold: Jennifer Chen, Robyn Eckhardt, Bruno Fiuza, Nikki Goldstein, Stirling Kelso, and Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi , “Street Food 101: A Global Guide,” Travel + Leisure
  • Silver: enRoute Editorial Team, “One’s Company,” enRoute Magazine
  • Bronze: Jill Schensul, “The Road Trip from Hell,” The Record
  • Finalist: Irene S. Levine, “Rich getting richer, even at 30,000 feet,” Boston Globe
  • Finalist: Ron  Pradinuk, “Flight Plan can alleviate long-haul headaches,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Finalist: Traci Suppa, “How to Find a Kid-Friendly Hotel,” Go BIG or Go Home


Category 200: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Greater than $400,000

  • Gold: Experience Bermuda 2012/13, HCP/Aboard
  • Silver: Discover Newport Official Travel Guide 2012, Newport, Rhode Island Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Bronze: Greater Lansing Michigan Visitor Guide 2012, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Finalist: 2012 Official Visitors Guide – North Carolina’s Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Category 200A: Visitors’ Guide – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: South County Style Vacation Guide, South County Tourism Council
  • Silver: Official 2012/2013 Mendocino County Visitors Guide, Visit Mendocino County, Inc.
  • Bronze: Tacoma + Pierce County, WA Visitor Guide, Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitor Bureau
  • Finalist: 2012 Destination Frederick County, Jean Peterson Design

Category 201: Destination Video

  • Gold: Come Together in Greater Lansing, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Silver: Seasons of the City by Nature, Meet Minneapolis
  • Bronze: Pasadena, Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau

Category 202: Destination Website

  • Gold:, Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Silver:, Visit West Hollywood
  • Bronze:, Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Category 203A: Social Media or Marketing Campaign – Marketing Budget Less than $400,000

  • Gold: Savor the San Juans, San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau
  • Silver: Destination Exclusive, City of Henderson Department of Cultural Arts and Tourism


Category 300: Travel Magazine

  • Gold: Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Ensemble Vacations
  • Bronze: National Geographic Traveler Magazine
  • Finalist: Travel + Leisure

Category 301: In-Flight Magazine

  • Gold: enRoute Magazine
  • Silver: Hemispheres Magazine
  • Bronze: American Way
  • Finalist: Delta Sky Magazine
  • Finalist: Latitudes