Publication:National Geographic Traveler
Photography: Michael DeFreitas
Travel Journalism: Michael Luongo & Rebecca Rhoades
Destination Marketing Organization: Visit Tampa Bay


Category 300: Travel Magazine

  • Gold: National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Ensemble Vacations, Summer 2014
  • Bronze: Private Clubs, Fall 2014 Issue

Category 301: In-Flight Magazine

  • Gold: enRoute Magazine, November 2013
  • Silver: Delta Sky, April 2014
  • Bronze: U.S. Airways Magazine, May 2014: Hidden Treasure
  • FinalistCelebrated Living, Autumn 2014: Celebrated Cuisine

Category 302: Online Travel Magazine

Category 303: Travel Journalism Website

Category 304: Commercial/Publication Travel Blog

Category 305: Independent Travel Blog

MEDIA – General Travel Articles

Category 100: Destination Travel, Domestic Newspaper           

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Argentina Rediscovers Its African Roots/In Tango & Tunnels, Rediscovering Its African Roots,” The New York Times
  • Silver: Julie Carl, “Stetsons to Beer Steins,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Bronze: Suzanne Corbett, “Marching Down Georgia’s Gone with the Wind Trail,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Finalists:
    • Max Anderson, “Heart of the prairie,” Sydney Morning Herald
    • Julie Carl, “Stepping Out in Minneapolis,” Winnipeg Free Press
    • Bob Cooper, “Celebration on the Sea,” Houston Chronicle
    • Suzanne Corbett, “Harbor Hopping in Door County, Wis.,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    • Cindy Ladage, “Outdoors in Southern, Illinois,” The Prairie Land Buzz
    • Irene S. Levine, “New York Hamlet Home to a Masterpiece,” Chicago Tribune
    • Ceil Miller Bouchet, “In Chicago, colorful Pilsen broadens its palate,” The Washington Post
    • Anja Mutic, “A Wanderer Returns,” The Washington Post
    • Anja Mutic, “Longing at First Sight: My Curious Affair with Lisbon,” The Washington Post

Category 101: Destination Travel, Domestic Magazine

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, “Sleepless in Seville,” Travel + Leisure
  • Silver: David Lansing, “Paradise Lost and Found,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Kim Brown Seely, “Into Bhutan,” Virtuoso Life
  • Finalists:
    • Max Anderson, “Man vs. Wild,” Australian Gourmet Traveller
    • Andrea Granahan, “Meeting Rosie the Riveter,” RV Life Magazine
    • Joseph Guinto, “Where the Beers Are,” Private Clubs
    • Theresa Medoff, “Mane Attractions–and More,” AAA World
    • Peter McBride, “The Granny Diaries,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Andrew McCarthy, “Untamed Ireland,” Travel + Leisure
    • Andrew McCarthy, “Steeped in Darjeeling,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Bruce Schoenfeld, “Danish Modern,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 102: Destination Travel, International Newspaper

  • Gold: Peter Johansen, “Starry, Starry Sark,” Montreal Gazette
  • Silver: Rich Grant, “Yosemite and the 150th Anniversary of National Parks,” Global Village, Mexico City News
  • Bronze: Lisa TE Sonne, “Underwater Treasure Off Cancun,” Pique Newsmagazine

Category 103: Destination Travel, International Magazine

  • Gold: David Noyes, “Reveling in Greenland’s Icy Lure,” Town & Country, Thailand
  • Silver: Peter Johansen, “Camels and Karma,” United Church Observer
  • Bronze: Sarah Elbert, “Where to Go Now,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Lucas Aykroyd, “Maui’s Mellow Magic,” Good Times
    • Lucas Aykroyd, “A Taste of Adventure in the Iles de la Madeleine,” Just for Canadian Dentists
    • Steve Marsh, “Cidade Maravilhosa,” Delta Sky Magazine

Category 104: Byline Travel Column – Greater than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Andrew Zimmern, “Fork & the Road,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Silver: Aurélie Resch, “Under the Sea in a Galapagos game of yellow-flippered tag,” Metro News Toronto
  • Bronze: Aurélie Resch, “The Big Easy: Where life is a little slower,” Metro News Toronto
  • Finalist: Sarah Staples, “The Frequent Flyer,” Air Canada’s enRoute

Category 104A: Byline Travel Column – Less than 250,000 Circulation

  • Gold: Carolyn Ali, “Gondola lifts lazybones high above Squamish,” The Georgia Straight
  • Silver: Aurélie Resch, “Wadi Rum, Land of Lawrence,” TraveLife Magazine
  • Bronze: Susan Cohn, “Mmm…Mmm… Montgomery: Alabama’s Capital Food Scene,” San Mateo Daily Journal
  • Finalists:
    • Susan Cohn, “Art Pops in Pittsburg: The Andy Warhol Museum Honors a Native Son,” San Mateo Daily Journal
    • Aurélie Resch, “On a quest to see the Yukon’s Night Show,” TraveLife Magazine

Category 105: Travel Series – Magazine

  • Gold: Clark Norton, “Blue Sea, Red Sea; Bird is The Word; Now You Sea It,” Porthole Cruise Magazine
  • Silver: Sarah Elbert, “1 City 5 Ways,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Bronze: Sarah Staples, “The Frequent Flyer,” Air Canada’s enRoute

Category 105A: Travel Series – Newspaper

  • Gold: Janet Podolak, “Cuba – 3 parts,” The News Herald
  • Silver: Ron Pradinuk, “Cruising Series,” Winnipeg Free Press
  • Bronze: Warren Resen, “Various – See The USA,” Observer News

Category 105B: Travel Series – Online

  • Gold: Gary Arndt, “West Africa Cruise,” Everything Everywhere
  • Silver: Ann Abel, “Mount Kilimanjaro,” Yahoo Travel
  • Bronze: Robert Jensen, “Finding Reiner,”
  • Finalists:
    • Lindsey Galloway, “Living In… (Tokyo, Istanbul, World’s Most Visited Cities),” BBC Travel
    • Donna L. Hull, “One Healthy Change (4 articles),” My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel
    • Janet Podolak, “Cuba Blogs,” The News Herald

Category 106: Destination Travel, Online Publication

  • Gold: Fyllis Hockman, “Halong Bay: A True Surrealistic Watercolor,”
  • Silver: Lucas Aykroyd, “Welcome to the ‘No Grunge’ zone,”
  • Bronze: Matthew Long, “Tracking Dinosaurs in Alberta,” LandLopers
  • Finalist: Gary Kraut, “The French Ardennes,” France Revisited

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Print

Category 120: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: Elaine Glusac, “Ghost Towns, Puffins and Unspoiled Views,” New York Times
  • Silver: Andrew McCarthy, “Mon Paris – Living Like a Local in the City of Light,” Westways
  • Bronze: Daisann McLane, “Saving Old Bangkok,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Finalists:
    • Damon Banks, “Hidden Beaches – Puerto Rico,” Bespoke Magazine
    • Patrizia Chen, David A. Keeps, Shane Mitchell, Jane Szita, Gisela Williams , “Shop Like a Local,” Travel + Leisure
    • Margie Goldsmith, “Reindeer Herding in Lapland,” Ensemble Lifestyles
    • Fyllis Hockman, “Where the Wild Women Meet Wildlife,” Low Country Sun Newspaper
    • Peter Johansen, “Camels and Karma,” United Church Observer
    • Natasha Mekhail, “Retail Zen,” Mercedes-Benz Magazine
    • Anja Mutic, “A Wanderer Returns,” The Washington Post
    • Janet Podolak, “A Bit of the Paris of Old,” The News Herald

Category 121: Luxury & Leisure Travel

  • Gold: Neal McLennan, “Fantasy Island,” Experience: Bombardier Business Aircraft Magazine
  • Silver: Andrew Sessa, “Puglia: The Italy You Don’t Know (But Should),” Private Clubs
  • Bronze: Tim Leffel, “Nicaragua Unplugged,” Global Traveler Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Max Anderson, “Whirlwind of rich rewards,” Sydney Morning Herald
    • Damon Banks, “Starfire’s Commitment to Effortless Service,” Upscale Living Magazine
    • Vivian Holley, “Villa Feltrinelli – Luxury on Lake Garda,” Meta Luxe
    • Jason Oliver Nixon and Jackie Caradonio, “NYC Hotel Confidential,” Delta Sky Magazine
    • Eve Thomas, “The Shape of Sicily,” Experience: Bombardier Business Aircraft Magazine

Category 122: Sports & Recreation

  • Gold: Michael DeFreitas, “Surf’s Up,” Global Traveler Magazine
  • Silver: Jayme Moye, “Stand Up and Fish,” Alaska Magazine
  • Bronze: Elaine Glusac, “How to Sport Like an Irishman,” Virtuoso Life
  • Finalists:
    • Jeff Ritter, “The Mexican Golf Course That Survived the Drug War,” Golf Magazine
    • Christine Kassar, “The Highest Summit,” Elevation Outdoors Magazine
    • Margie Goldsmith, “Chase the Tail of the Dragon,” American Way
    • Lisa TE Sonne, “Piranha Fishing in High Season,” Pique Newsmagazine

Category 123: Resorts

  • Gold: Elaine Glusac, “Economic Booster,” Private Clubs
  • Silver: Rebecca Rhoades, “All-Inclusive Punta Cana,” AAA World
  • Bronze: Paul Rubio, “Game-Changing Trends in Africa Lodging,” Private Clubs
  • Finalists:
    • Stacy Tillilie, “Universal Appeal,” AAA World
    • Vivian Holley, “Bora Bora – a South Pacific Treasure,” Meta Luxe

Category 124: Cruises

  • Gold: Michael DeFreitas, “Cruising South America,” Grand Luxury Magazine
  • Silver: Janice Wald Henderson, “Boats Afloat,” Private Clubs
  • Bronze: Chris Clayton, “15 Chefs Walk into a Cruise…,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Janice Mucalov, “A River Safari on the ‘Zambezi Queen’,” Cruise & Travel Lifestyles
    • Janice Mucalov, “Hawaii Un-Cruising,” Cruise & Travel Lifestyles
    • Justin Paul, “How to Launch a Riverboat,” Virtuoso Life
    • Clark Norton, “Tahitian Delivery,” Porthole Cruise Magazine

Category 125: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Rebecca Rhoades, “Mr. Johnson’s Opus,” AAA World
  • Silver: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “The New Age of Adventure,” Women’s Adventure Magazine
  • Bronze: Bob Cooper, “The River Queen,” Porthole Cruise Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Christine Kassar, “Who Killed Mike Rust,” Mountainflyer Magazine
    • Warren Resen, “Patrick Smith – A Man Remembered,” Farmer & Rancher
    • Sarah Staples, “The Frequent Flyer: Bruce Poon Tip,” Air Canada’s enRoute
    • Andrew Zimmern, “The Maestro,” Delta Sky Magazine

Category 126: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Ceil Miller Bouchet, “Over There,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Tara Isabella Burton, “A Toast to Georgia,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Nancy Wigston, “Gallipoli: A Solemn Reminder of War,” Canadian Jewish News
  • Finalists:
    • Lucas Aykroyd, “Allure of Mexico’s Aztec,” The Vancouver Sun
    • Rich Grant, “Little Big Horn Redux,” Global Village, Mexico City News
    • Irene S. Levine, “A little church in New Mexico with some big healing power,” Washington Post
    • Michael Luongo, “Argentina Rediscovers Its African Roots/In Tango & Tunnels, Rediscovering Its African Roots,” The New York Times
    • Rebecca Rhoades, “The Colors of Bravery,” AAA World
    • Michael Schuman, “Atlanta Marks 150 Years Since Key Battle,” Miami Herald
    • Lisa TE Sonne, “A Weekend in — George Washington’s Barbados,” American Way

Category 127: 50+ Travel

  • Gold: Lola Akinmade Åkerström, “The New Age of Adventure,” Women’s Adventure Magazine
  • Silver: Don Mankin, “Driving the Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of Ireland,” Huffington Post
  • Bronze: Don Mankin, “Namibia: Raw and Wild,” Active Over 50
  • Finalists:
    • Victor Block, “From a bomb site to a beach destination,” The Beacon
    • Don Mankin, “Traveling By Train From Moscow to Beijing,” Active Over 50

Category 128: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Barbara Graham, “California Dreamin’,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Aaron Gulley, “How To Raise a Global Citizen,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Maureen Littlejohn, “Travels with my Dad,” Travel World International Magazine
  • Finalist: Kate Pocock, “Taking the Kids Back to Nature on Mexico’s Riviera May Coast,” Ensemble Vacations Magazine

Category 129: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Bill Addison, “Chile: South America’s Next Culinary Star?,” Private Clubs
  • Silver: Andrew Brathwaite, “Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2013,” enRoute Magazine
  • Silver: Remy Scalza, “Perfecting Pinoy,” Fairmont Magazine
  • Bronze: Brad A. Johnson, “Off the eaten path: Basilicata, Italy,” Orange County Register
  • Bronze: Elizabeth Woodson, “A Foodie’s Guide to Asia,” Delta Sky Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Damon Banks, “A Sweet Finish,” Bespoke Magazine
    • Dave G. Houser, “Tequila,” TravelWorld International Magazine
    • Brad A. Johnson, “Running the tables in Las Vegas, for Chinese,” Orange County Register
    • Irene S. Levine, “New York Hamlet Home to a Masterpiece,” Chicago Tribune
    • Andrew McCarthy, “Steeped in Darjeeling,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Gary Shteyngart, “Maximum Bombay,” Travel + Leisure
    • Mario Stojanac, “Carmenere – From Extinction to Distinction,” Ensemble Vacations
    • Barbara Wayman, “Charlie Palmer’s Sonoma,” Home & Away Magazine

Category 130: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Carl Hoffman, “It Takes a Village,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Mark Jenkins, “America’s Cathedrals,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Glen Abbott, “Chasing Cajuns – A Ride to Find the Real Mardi Gras,” HOG Magazine (Harley-Davidson)
  • Bronze: Christine Kassar, “The Highest Summit,” Elevation Outdoors Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Kenneth Brower, “The Great White Hope,” National Geographic Traveler
    • David Lansing, “Paradise Lost and Found,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Michael Luongo, “Argentina Rediscovers Its African Roots/In Tango & Tunnels, Rediscovering Its African Roots,” The New York Times
    • Kate Pocock, “Lending a Helping Hand… Abroad,” Healthwise Magazine
    • Guy Trebay, “a World Apart,” Travel + Leisure

Category 131: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Aaron Gulley, “Just Deserts,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Scott Wallace, “Over the Horizon,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Kenneth Brower, “The Great White Hope,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Finalists:
    • Michael Luongo, “Argentina Rediscovers Its African Roots/In Tango & Tunnels, Rediscovering Its African Roots,” The New York Times
    • Kate Pocock, “Lending a Helping Hand… Abroad,” Healthwise Magazine
    • Veronica Stoddart, “Namibia is up to its neck in rare species,” USA TODAY

MEDIA – Special Focus Travel Articles – Internet

Category 140: Local Lifestyle

  • Gold: David Noyes, “Gypsies, Gods and Dromedaries,”
  • Silver: Andrew McCarthy, “Clear Eyed in Calcutta,” WorldHum
  • Bronze: Paula Froelich, “Ohrid,” Yahoo Travel
  • Finalist: Fyllis Hockman, “Namibia: Where Wild Women Meet Wildlife,”

Category 141: Luxury and Leisure Travel

  • Gold: Julie Hatfield, “Go Heli-Fishing in the Middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia,”
  • Silver: David Noyes, “Romantic Expectations,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Elaine Masters, “Scuba Diving Lembeh Strait, Indonesia,”
  • Bronze: Shelly Rivoli, “On Safari in Sonoma: Our Tour of Safari West Wildlife Preserve,” Family Travel 411
  • Finalists:
    • Donna L. Hull, “Luxurious Winter Fun at the Resort at Paws Up,” My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel
    • Lisa Richardson, “On Two Wheels in Washington Wine Country: A Soul-Satisfying Balance,”

Category 142: Sports and Recreation

  • Gold: Jeff Ritter, “Club Campestre: The lone gold club in Juarez, Mexico, that overcame the drug cartels,” Golf Magazine
  • Silver: Fyllis Hockman, “Cowboy College: Channeling “City Slickers”,”
  • Silver: Kristin Winet, “Adventurous Romance in Costa Rica,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Jayme Moye, “Surf’s Up,”
  • Finalists:
    • Carolyn Ali, “Go Argentina! How an accidental soccer fan learned to love World Cup futball,” The Georgia Straight
    • Mindy Poder, “Surviving Bungee Jumping in New Zealand,”

Category 143: Resorts

  • Gold: Peter Johansen, “Conversation, Nature and Passion,” Inns E-Magazine
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “Panoramic Pacific Views from Pelican Eyes,”
  • Bronze: Damon Banks, “24 Hours at the Boca Raton Resorts and Club,”
  • Finalists:
    • Tim Leffel, “Chilled Out Luxury at Viceroy Zihuatanejo,”
    • Kristin Winet, “Following the Turtle: Hotel Poco a Poco, Monteverde,” Hotel Scoop

Category 144: Cruises

  • Gold: Carole Herdegen, “Greenland, Land of the Midnight Sun… Cruising the Settlement around Disco Bay,” Travel World International Magazine
  • Silver: Chris McBeath, “Cheapskate Cruise,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Bronze: Jacqueline Harmon Butler, “Up a Lazy Canal – Cruising the Canal du Midi in France,”
  • Finalist: Kit Bernardi, “First Time Cruiser Family Checks Out the Disney Dream,”

Category 145: Personality and Profiles

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “Bravery on a Bike in Afghanistan,”
  • Silver: Vivian Holley, “Peggy’s Passion,” Meta Luxe
  • Bronze: Jeff Ritter, “Club Campestre: The lone gold club in Juarez, Mexico, that overcame the drug cartels,” Golf Magazine
  • Finalist: Jenn Smith Nelson, “Corner Gas movie hails Saskatchewan life,”

Category 146: Historical or Hobby Travel

  • Gold: Rebecca Rhoades, “A Beautiful Afterlife,” AAA World Online
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “Relearning Polish History Through the Eyes of a Resistance Fighter,” Tablet Magazine
  • Bronze: Lauren Gelford, “Jaffa: A Tale of 2 Cities,” The Daily Beast
  • Bronze: Dan Schlossberg, “Coming to Grips with Ground Zero,”
  • Finalists:
    • Kit Bernardi, “Driving Patterns,” Midwest Living Magazine
    • Kay Grant, “Calculated Risk,” American Way (Online Only)
    • Bobbie Green, “Visiting Timan Faya National PK & Fire Mountain,”
    • Fyllis Hockman, “Mary King’s Close: 400 Years of History,”
    • Shelly Rivoli, “Jurassic Pilgrimage: Visiting Dinosaur National Monument with Kids,” Family Travel 411
    • Josh Roberts, “Walking the Great Wall of China: A Bucket List Trip You Can Actually Afford,”

Category 147: 50+ Travel

  • Gold: Don Mankin, “A World of Contrasts on the Trans-Siberian Railroad,” Huffington Post
  • Silver: Don Mankin, “Namibia: Raw and Wild,” Huffington Post
  • Bronze: Mattie Matthews, “67 & Dumped: On Her Own in Rome,” Yahoo Travel
  • Finalists:
    • Victor Dorff, “Luxury, Then and Now,” Huffington Post
    • Donna L. Hull, “Riding the Prince Rupert Ferry,” My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel
    • Don Mankin, “Driving the Wild Atlantic Way on the West Coast of Ireland,” Huffington Post

Category 148: Intergenerational and Family Travel

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Relearning Polish History Through the Eyes of a Resistance Fighter,” Tablet Magazine
  • Silver: Tim Leffel, “The Other Side of the Yucatan,” Perceptive Travel
  • Bronze: Shelly Rivoli, “One Night in the African Tent Camp: My Review of Safari West,” Family Travel 411
  • Finalist: Laura Begley Bloom, “A Gift for My Daughter: Elmo’s Trip to Costa Rica,” Yahoo Travel

Category 149: Culinary Travel

  • Gold: Damon Banks, “Spain’s Gourmet Dining Scene,” Luxury Link Lifestyle – Online Magazine
  • Silver: Gary Kraut, “The French Ardennes,” France Revisited
  • Bronze: Darrin DuFord, “Istria’s Edible Empires,”
  • Finalists:
    • Darrin DuFord, “Enjoying Croatia’s Oysters and Estuaries,”
    • Peter Johansen, “Feasting in a ‘Restaurant Without Walls’,” Troy Media
    • Gary Kraut, “25 Paris Restaurants: A List Beyond The List,” France Revisited
    • Matthew Long, “The Unusual Story Behind the Best Ice Cream in Ireland,” LandLopers
    • Kathleen Mangan, “Let’s Talk Scotch,”

Category 150: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel

  • Gold: Michael Luongo, “Fighting Back With Faith: Inside the Yezidis’ Iraqi Temple ,” The Daily Beast
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “Relearning Polish History Through the Eyes of a Resistance Fighter,” Tablet Magazine
  • Bronze: Lisa TE Sonne, “Tasty Tagines in Morocco,”
  • Finalists:
    • Victor Englebert, “Stealing the Gold of El Dorado,” Fascinating Humanity
    • Irene S. Levine, “A Unique Museum: The Four Seasons Serengeti Safari Lodge,”

Category 151: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel

  • Gold: Christine Kassar, “Return to Hyalite Canyon: Veterans Build Community that Stretches Beyond Mountains,” National Geographic Adventure Blog
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “Fighting Back With Faith: Inside the Yezidis’ Iraqi Temple ,” The Daily Beast
  • Bronze: Paula Froelich, “On the Frontlines of the Rhino “Genocide”: Saving a Species on the Brink,” Yahoo Travel
  • Finalists:
    • Victor Dorff, “Bonaire: Fantasy Island, For Real!” Huffington Post
    • Darrin DuFord, “Man vs. Fish,”
    • Dave G. Houser, “The Harsh Legacy of Grytviken,”

Category 152: Budget Travel

  • Gold: Kate Armstrong, “African safari alternatives that don’t cost a fortune,”
  • Silver: Peter Johansen, “Win Your Next Vacation,” Troy Media

MEDIA – Electronic, Video, Broadcast

Category 153: Travel Broadcast – Video & Television

  • Gold: Andrew McCarthy, “Breaking Boundaries,” AOL Travel
  • Silver: Paula Froelich, “Yahoo Travel: A Broad, Abroad,” Yahoo Travel
  • Bronze: Glen Abbott, “Chasing the Chicken: Cajun Mardi Gras,” Harley – Davidson’s HOG Magazine – online edition
  • Finalists:
    • Glen Abbott, “Secrets Revealed – Nashville Music City,” The Village Celebration (Online Magazine)
    • Kathleen Curry, “Episode 306: Visit Germany’s Fairy Tale Tail,” The Travel Brigade Radio Show and Podcast
    • Ian Fitzpatrick and Tonya Fitzpatrick, “Midwest Treasures: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis & Michigan’s State Capitol,” Blog Talk Radio
    • Christine van Blokland, “Secrets of St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” Curious Traveler

Category 154: Travel App

  • Best Travel App: Just Ahead: Death Valley National Park


Category 170: Overall Excellence

  • Gold: Peter McBride, “Paradise Lost and Found,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: David Noyes, “Gypsies, Gods and Dromedaries,”
  • Bronze: Jen Judge, “Just Deserts,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Peter McBride, “The Granny Diaries,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Finalists:
    • Sisse Brimber and Cotton Coulson, “Danish Modern,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Robert Jerome, “Dresden: A German Christmas,” The Rail Monthly

Category 171: Cover Photo, Illustration

  • Gold: Gunnar Knechtel, “Big Bold Baku,” Fairmont Magazine
  • Silver: Jen Judge, “Black and white and read all over,” Virtuoso Life
  • Bronze: Chris Plavidal, “Pin This,” Virtuoso Life
  • Finalists:
    • Spencer Carney, “Enchanting Italy,” AAA Living
    • Gunnar Knechtel, “Around the World in 14 Ways: From Tel Aviv’s beaches to Taipei’s markets,” enRoute Magazine
    • Brian Bowen Smith, photographer; Lloyd Dangle, illustrator, “Howard Schultz, Seattle,” Delta Sky Magazine
    • Peter I. Rose, “Book Cover (back),” Postmonitions of a Peripatetic Professor

Category 172: Landscape, Seascape

  • Gold: Jake Stangel, “My Own Private Montana,” Travel + Leisure
  • Silver: Gary Arndt, “Lightning over Jasper National Park – Alberta, Canada,”
  • Bronze: Michael DeFreitas, “Utah Rocks,” RV Lifestyle Magazine
  • Finalists:
    • Gary Arndt, “Rainbow over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,”
    • Dale Sanders, “Grande Slam,” Luxe Beat Magazine

Category 173: Portrait, People

  • Gold: Michael DeFreitas, “Put a Face to a Place,” Photo News Magazine
  • Silver: David Noyes, “Kalbeliya Dancer,”
  • Bronze: Robert Jerome, “Riet Jonkers-Slegers, age 80, Budapest World Masters Athletics Competition,” Metropop
  • Finalists:
    • Gary Arndt, “Playing Child in Monte Café, Sao Tome,”
    • Michael DeFreitas, “Cuban Man with Fighting Cock,” Photo News Magazine
    • Gabriel Rinaldi, “Alex Atala,” Delta Sky Magazine

Category 174: Facility, Architectural

  • Gold: Robert Jerome, “Radio City Music Hall at Christmas,” Metropop
  • Silver: Robert Jerome, “Metropolitan Cathedral, Brasilia,” The Rail Monthly
  • Bronze: Barb Sligl, “Tacoma Turnaround,” Going Places
  • Finalists:
    • Gary Arndt, “Fireworks Over the Sydney Harbor Bridge,”
    • Robert Jerome, “Zagreb’s Mirogoj Cemetery on All Saints’ Day,” The Rail Monthly
    • Matthew Long, “Quiet House in Alberta,” LandLopers

Category 175: Nature

  • Gold: Michael DeFreitas, “Bald Eagle Fishing,” Photo News Magazine
  • Silver: Gary Arndt, “A Bull Moose with Water Dripping from his Antlers in Northern British Columbia,”
  • Bronze: Gary Arndt, “UNESCO World Heritage Site: iSimangaliso Wetland Park,”

Category 176: Photo Essay

  • Gold: Susan Seubert, “Saving Old Bangkok,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Put a Face to a Place,” Photo News Magazine
  • Bronze: Gary Arndt, “Visions of Namibia,” Everything Everywhere
  • Finalists:
    • Korena Bolding Sinnett, “Seoul Rising,” Virtuoso Life
    • Catherine Karnow, “Positively Tel Aviv,” National Geographic Traveler
    • Jen Pollack, “Marrakech,” SNAP Magazine

MEDIA – Miscellaneous

Category 190: Travel Book or Guide

  • Gold: Shelly Rivoli, “Travels with Baby: The Ultimate Guide for Planning Travel With Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler,” Published by Travels with Baby Books
  • Silver: J.M. Pasquesi, “Rome with Kids: An Insider’s Guide (2nd Edition)”
  • Bronze: Linda Lang, “Five Star Recipes from World Famous Hotels & Resorts”
  • Bronze: Greg Vaughn, “Photographing Washington”
  • Finalists:
    • Alden Jones, “The Blind Masseuse: A Traveler’s Memoir from Costa Rica to Cambodia,” University of Wisconsin Press
    • Doreen Pendgracs, “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate,” Wizard of Words Productions

Category 191: Trade Travel Article

  • Gold: David DeVoss, “The Golden Age of Airports,” Global Business Travel
  • Silver: Chris McBeath, “Attracting Seniors,” InnFocus
  • Bronze: Mindy Poder, “Stealing the Scene,” TravelAge West
  • Finalists:
    • Tim Leffel, “MICE Mexico City,” Global Traveler Magazine
    • Michael Luongo, “Iraque Kurdistan: Open for Travelers,” Travel + Leisure
    • Skye Mayring, “A Brave New World,” TravelAge West
    • Mindy Poder, “The King of the Castle,” TravelAge West
    • Theresa Storm, “New Skywalk Opens in Alberta,” TravelAge West

Category 192A: Travel Roundups – Print

  • Gold: George Stone, “Traveler 50,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Isabella Brega, “Made in Italy,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Mindy Poder, “50 Bucket List Travel Experiences,” TravelAge West
  • Finalists:
    • Victor Block, “Warm(er) winter destinations beckon,” The Beacon
    • Ron Pradinuk, “Ten Tips to make your travels more enjoyable,” Winnipeg Free Press

Category 192B: Travel Roundups – Online

  • Gold: Tim Leffel, “Digital Nomads: How to travel the world without quitting your job,”
  • Silver: Anja Mutic, “Restored Village Retreats,” Departures
  • Bronze: Dan Schlossberg, “The Final Four: Cool places to cool off in New England,” New Jersey Lifestyles
  • Finalists:
    • Lanee Lee, “America’s Strangest Museums,” Travel + Leisure Digital
    • Kathleen Mangan, “Top 10 Fall Things to Do in Ireland and Northern Ireland,”

Category 193: Travel Tips & Advice

  • Gold: Virtuoso Life Staff, “How to Travel Better,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Michael DeFreitas, “Put a Face to a Place,” Photo News Magazine
  • Bronze: Irene S. Levine, “Bicycle Vacations: Boomers’ Latest Travel Trend,” PBS
  • Finalists:
    • Brittany Jones Cooper, “Travel Hacks,” Yahoo Travel
    • Theresa Medoff, “Packing Tips from the Pros,” AAA World
    • Traci Suppa, “Preparing Your Teen For Their First Trip Without You,”
    • Kristin Winet, “Tipping Culture: A Quick Guide to Global Tipping Customs,” En Voyage, Eva Air’s in-flight magazine


Category 200: Visitors’ Guide (Printed or Electronic)

  • Gold: Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, 2014 Outer Banks Travel Guide
  • Silver: Pocahontas County, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pocahontas County Visitors Guide
  • Bronze: Rutherford County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Visitor’s Travel Guide
  • Finalists:
    • Discover Newport, Discover Newport Visitors Guide
    • Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB, Branson Meeting Convention & Sports Guide
    • Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2014 Greater Lansing, Michigan Visitor Guide

Category 201: Destination Video

  • Gold: Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Sedona: Most Beautiful Place on Earth
  • Silver: Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Show Me the Way”
  • Bronze: Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, #OuterBanksSoul – The Outer Banks, NC

Category 202: Destination Website

  • Gold: Visit Tampa Bay,
  • Silver: Alexandria/Pineville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau,
  • Bronze: Visit Sarasota County,

Category 203: Social Media or Marketing Campaign

  • Gold: M. Silver // A Division of Finn Partners, “The Beach Looks Good on You” Winter Promotion
  • Silver: Visit Tampa Bay, Visit Tampa Bay, IIFA Marketing Campaign
  • Bronze: Meet Minneapolis & Spong PR, #askMPLS Campaign