Grand Prize Winners: National Geographic Traveler, Jayme Moye, David Noyes, and Washington County Visitors Association: The Tualatin Valley

PASADENA CA – The North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) has announced the winners of its 2017 NATJA Travel Media Awards Competition. Awards were given to publications, travel journalists, photographers whose work was published in print and online media from September 2016 through August 2017. Additionally, awards were given to the top destination marketing organizations. The competition, now in its 26th year, honors the “best of the best” in travel media. 

Entries for this year’s reflected an array of excellent journalistic and creative work. “As the awards entries continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for our judges to pick the winners from such a talented pool of submissions. We thank our judges, who represent academia, publications, photographers, and PR professionals, for their significant time commitment in making this year’s selections,” stated NATJA CEO Helen Hernandez.

This year’s Grand Prize winners were selected for their brilliance in story-telling, spell-binding photography, and creative marketing efforts. Grand Prize Winners were National Geographic Traveler in Publication; Jayme Moye for Travel Journalism; David Noyes for Photography; and Washington County Visitors Association: The Tualatin Valley for Destination.

Additionally, one first place (Gold) winner is chosen in each of the categories along with 2nd (Silver), 3rd place (Bronze) and Finalists. Winners will be recognized at the 2018 NATJA Conference & Marketplace which will be held April 24th – 27th, hosted by the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau in Branson, Missouri.

The mission of NATJA is to foster high quality journalism by supporting the professional development of its members, providing exceptional benefits and valuable resources, honoring the excellence of journalism throughout the world, and promoting travel and leisure to the general public.

A complete list of the winners and finalists is below.


Publication: National Geographic Traveler
Photography: David Noyes
Travel Journalism: Jayme Moye
Destination Marketing Organization: Washington County Visitors Association: The Tualatin Valley for Destination


Category 100: Destination Travel – Newspaper

  • Gold: Mike Fisher, “Find the Beating Heart of the Blues in Memphis,” Toronto Star
  • Silver: Jennifer Bain, “Canada’s walking safari,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Chris McBeath, “Shifting Sands in Namibia,” Kamloops This Week (+PNW newspapers, TWT online)


  • Marla Cimini, “Songbirds Guitar Musuem,” USA TODAY
  • Michael Luongo, “The Off Screen Experience to Detroit The Movie,” New York Post
  • Jill Wilson, “Fall in love with Sonoma County,” Winnipeg Free Press

Category 101: Destination Travel – Magazine

  • Gold: Joseph Guinto, “Philly’s Rising Again,” Private Clubs
  • Silver: Cathy Newman, “Scottish Moors,” National Geographic
  • Bronze: Susan Nerberg, “North of 58 degrees,” enRoute


  • Glenn Abbott, “Thunder on the Prairie: Riding the Kansas Heartland,” Harley-Davidson’s HOG Magazine
  • Debbra Brouillette, “Beaches and Beyond,” AAA Home & Away
  • Mickey Rapkin, “Brava Barcelona,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 102: Destination Travel, Online Publication

  • Gold: Dave G. Houser, “Getaway to the Galaxies,” Coast to Coast
  • Silver: Melissa Adams, “She Called Me Bindaas,” Perceptive Travel
  • Bronze: Avery Stonich, “Hike Through 7 European Countries on this Epic Trail,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Richard Earls, “Tanzania – The Camp Elephant,”
  • Rose Palmer, “On the Trail of Dale Chihuly – a Day in Tacoma, Washington,”
  • Shelly Rivoli, “Whale-Watched on the Sea of Cortez,” Family Travel 411

Category 103: Byline Travel Column

  • Gold: Freda Moon, “A Family Adventure in Medical Tourism,” New York Times
  • Silver: Fyllis Hockman, “Exploring Venice: Lost and Found. Special Finds. Repeat.,”
  • Bronze: Susan Cohn, “The Most Famous (Small) White House in America: Grant Wood’s American Gothic Draws Visitors to Eldon, Iowa,” San Mateo Daily Journal


  • Fyllis Hockman, “Walk Japan: Exploring the Head, Heart and Soul of a Country,”
  • Sarah Staples, “The Frequent Flyer: Oliver Murray,” Air Canada’s enRoute magazine
  • Sarah Staples, “The Frequent Flyer: Jan Heck,” Air Canada’s enRoute magazine

Category 104: Illustrated Story – Print Publication

  • Gold: David Noyes, “The Lost City of the Inca,” Elite+ Magazine
  • Silver: Barbara Sligl, “Into the North and Out of the Northwest Passage,” Just for Canadian Dentists magazine
  • Bronze: Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Margie Goldsmith, “A Very Frequent Traveler Looks Back,” Business jet Traveler
  • Janet Gyenes, “Water World,” Just for Canadian Dentists magazine
  • Theresa Medoff, “Discoveries Along the Danube,” AAA Worldwise
  • Jenn Smith Nelson, “Rockies Road Trip,” My Country Extra

Category 105: Illustrated Story, Online Publication

  • Gold: Rob Waters, “Cuba’s madres (y padres) of invention,” Craftsmanship Quarterly
  • Silver: Efrain Villa, “A Tale of Two Canyons,” TravelWorld International
  • Bronze: Rich Grant, “Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Charleston SC,” Huffington Post


  • Juliana Dever, “10 Photos of Georgia the Country That Will Make You Want to Visit Now,” CleverDever Wherever
  • Theresa Medoff, “Garden Grandeur,” AAA World
  • Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Efrain Villa, “Don’t Call It A Crash,” TravelWorld International

Category 106: Travel Series – Print Publication

  • Gold: Jennifer Bain, “Canada 150 series,” Toronto Star
  • Silver: Kaley Sweeney, Ross Goss, Jenny Adams, Renee Brincks, Elizabeth Warkentin, & Kelly DeNardo, “Mini Guide Series,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Arnold Wayne Jones, “Destinations for the LGBT Traveler,” Dallas Voice


  • Elaine Glusac, Janice Wald Henderson, Andrew Sessa, “3 Tempting New Ways to Explore the World,” Private Clubs
  • Juliana Goodwin, “Exploring Eureka Springs,” Living Well
  • George Stone, Judith Fein, Tim Wandel, Cathy Newman, Theodora Sutcliffe, “Obsessions Series,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 107: Travel Series, Online Publication

  • Gold: Ann Fisher, “Series 3 articles on Safari in Zambia,”
  • Silver: Kristin Henning, “Beyond Havana,” Travel Past 50
  • Bronze: Avery Stonich, “Israel Adventure Series,” RootsRated


  • Ann Fisher, “Series of articles on New Mexico,”
  • Gwen Pratesi, “Exploring South West England,” Pratesi Living
  • Virtuoso Staff, “The Virtuoso Life blog,” Virtuoso Life

Category 120: Lifestyle – Print

  • Gold: Sarah Staples, “Expedition: Adventureland,” Sharp Magazine Book for Men Fall/Winter 2016
  • Silver: Christopher Vourlias, “Heavy Lifting on the Road to Happiness,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Don George, “Feel the Burn,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Margie Goldsmith, “A Very Frequent Traveler Looks Back,” Business jet Traveler
  • Becca Hensley, “Cinderella in Vienna,” Shubh Yatra
  • Fyllis Hockman, “Try Tricky and Tense Hunting for Truffles in Alba, Italy,” Creators Syndicate
  • Barbara Sligl, “Viva Cuba!,” Just for Canadian Doctors magazine

Category 121: Luxury & Resort Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Amy Cassell, “Small Wonders,” Virtuoso Life
  • Silver: Andrew Sessa, “Escape to Africa,” The Oberoi Group Magazine
  • Bronze: Mike Fisher, “Cruising on the Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built,” Toronto Star


  • Debbra Brouillette, “Petit St. Vincent private island is antidote to post-election stress,” Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
  • Valerie Chen, “Give Me the Green Light,” Explorer
  • John Gottberg Anderson, “Lodge Living in the Wild Wallowas,” The Bulletin

Category 122: Sports, Recreation and Adventure – Print Publication

  • Gold: J. Maarten Troost, “Drive Yourself Wild,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Mark Jenkins, “Namibia,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Christine Kassar, “Committed: Mark and Janelle Smiley’s Epic Quest to Climb the Fifty Classics,” Climbing Magazine


  • Anne Z. Cooke, “Back to the future in the Cook Islands,” Houston Chronicle Sunday “Extra” travel section
  • Aaron Gulley, “Pedal Boats,” Virtuoso Life
  • Mindy Poder, “Little America, Australia,” Explorer
  • Morgan Tilton, “A Wild Space — SUP on the Escalante River,” Elevation Outdoors Magazine

Category 123: Cruises – Print Publication

  • Gold: Theresa Medoff, “Discoveries Along the Danube,” AAA Worldwise
  • Silver: Debbra Brouillette, “Eternal appeal,” Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
  • Bronze: Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Janice Mucalov, “Adventure Cruise Dives into Natural World,” North Shore News
  • Janice Wald Henderson, “First Look,” Private Clubs

Category 124: Personality and Profiles – Print

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “Cruel Currents,” 5280
  • Silver: Christine Kassar, “Trail Blazer: Nepal’s First Female Mountaineering Instructor,” Climbing Magazine
  • Bronze: Allison Entrekin, “Conroy Country,” Southbound


  • Robin Cherry, “Douro Valley Dynamos,” Private Clubs
  • Elaine Glusac, “Ted Turner is on a Mission to Save Everything,” The National
  • Juliana Goodwin, “Passion for Ozarks and moonshine turned into a business,” Springfield News-Leader

Category 125: Historical Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Lisa Abend, “Malta in Motion,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Morgan Tilton, “Wild & Broken: A First SUP Descent of Utah’s Escalante River,” SUP Magazine
  • Bronze: Kevin Benefield, “Book Tour,” Southbound


  • Glenn Abbott, “Tales from the Deep South,” Harley-Davidson’s HOG Magazine
  • Cathy Newman, “British Accents,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 126: 50+ Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Margie Goldsmith, “A Very Frequent Traveler Looks Back,” Business jet Traveler
  • Silver: Norie Quintos, “Banff Retreat,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Don Mankin, “Whales, Walruses and Polar Bears in the Russian Far,” Active Over 50


  • Don George, “Feel the Burn,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Don Mankin, “Limping Through the Czech Republic,” We Said Go Travel

Category 127: Intergenerational and Family Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Karla Courtney, “Northern Exposure,” Qantas Magazine
  • Silver: Jennifer Bain, “A Real Jurassic Adventure,” Toronto Star
  • Bronze: Jenn Smith Nelson, “Rockies Road Trip,” My Country Extra


  • Jenny Davis, “Perfectly Planned China,” Virtuoso Life
  • Jenn Smith Nelson, “Scuba diving delivers best of two worlds,” Toronto Star
  • Stacy Tillilie, “Pittsburgh at Play,” AAA World magazine

Category 128: Culinary Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Elaine Glusac, “Mexican Crush,” Rhapsody
  • Silver: Denver Nicks, “Bolivia on Fire,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Kathleen Mangan, “Scotland’s Spirited Past,” AAA Traveler Worldwise


  • Larry Olmsted, “Spain’s Signature Flavors,” Celebrated Living (American Airlines)
  • Michele Peterson, “Tantalizing Tahiti,” Taste & Travel International
  • Gigi Ragland, “Summertime Switzerland Adventures-Take a Tour of the Alps’ Finest Cheesemaking Regions,” Cheese Connoisseur Magazine

Category 129: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Christopher Hall, “Finding Land’s End,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: J. Maarten Troost, “Non-stop Seoul,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Norie Quintos, “Banff Retreat,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Mike Fisher, “Find the Beating Heart of the Blues in Memphis,” Toronto Star
  • Elaine Glusac, “The Woodland Cure,” American Way
  • Janet Gyenes, “”Force of Nature”,” BCAA magazine (formerly called Westworld magazine)
  • Christine Kassar, “Committed: Mark and Janelle Smiley’s Epic Quest to Climb the Fifty Classics,” Climbing Magazine
  • Michael Luongo, “Detroit Museums Examine 1967 Riots,” The New York Times

Category 130: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel – Print Publication

  • Gold: Lina Zeldovich, “Reinventing the toilet: A Lavatorial Revolution Bubbles Up in Madagascar,” Mosaic
  • Silver: Elaine Glusac, “Ted Turner is on a Mission to Save Everything,” The National
  • Bronze: Morgan Tilton, “A Wild Space — SUP on the Escalante River,” Elevation Outdoors Magazine


  • Michael George, “Ends of the Earth,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Andrew McCarthy, “Camino de Santiago,” National Geographic Traveler (special issue)
  • Morgan Tilton, “Wild & Broken: A First SUP Descent of Utah’s Escalante River,” SUP Magazine
  • J. Maarten Troost, “Drive Yourself Wild,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 140: Lifestyle – Online Publication

  • Gold: Kristin Henning, “Standing in Place: Back Home from Travel,” Travel Past 50
  • Silver: Michael Luongo, “Traveling While Muslim Complicates Air Travel,” The New York Times
  • Bronze: Cameron Whitlock, “The Kindness of Strangers in Istanbul,” Breaking Abroad


  • Juliana Dever, “Churchill Manitoba – The Warmest Coldest Tundra Town,” CleverDever Wherever
  • Fyllis Hockman, “Namibia: Where Wild Women Meet Wildlife,”
  • Mindy Poder, “Doing as the Locals Do in Budapest,”

Category 141: Luxury and Resort Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Marcia Breen, “Southern Comfort at Palmetto Bluff,” KidTripster
  • Silver: Eric Stoen, “Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives: Our New Favorite Resort Anywhere,” Travel Babbo
  • Bronze: Rose Palmer, “Luxury Without Murder on the Orient Express,”


  • Denis and Lynn Gagnon, “A Four-Day Luxury Getaway to Hong Kong,” BonVoyageurs
  • Donna Meyer, “Sleeping With Ike: The Eisenhower Hotel at Culzean Castle,” NomadWomen
  • Angie Orth, “Peek Inside St. Lucia’s Most Famous Hotel,”

Category 142: Sports, Recreation and Adventure – Online Publication

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “How Did a Blind Man Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan in a Day?,” National Geographic
  • Silver: Larry Olmsted, “How Japan Became the Hottest Ski Destination in the World,” Town & Country Magazine (Online)
  • Bronze: Justin Paul, “Boots & All,” Virtuoso Life


  • Melinda Crow, “Best Non-Caribbean Cruise Destinations for Snorkeling and Diving,” Cruise Critic
  • Shelly Rivoli, “Whale-Watched on the Sea of Cortez,” Family Travel 411
  • Oksana St. John, “Exploring the Galapagos Islands on an Adventure Tour with Galakiwi,” Drink Tea & Travel
  • Avery Stonich, “Women Rule at These No-Pressure Ski Camps,” National Geographic Adventure

Category 143: Cruises – Online Publication

  • Gold: Janice Wald Henderson, “Secrets Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You,” Cruise Critic
  • Silver: Donna Hull, “Journey to the Arctic Ice,” My Itchy Travel Feet
  • Bronze: Ann Fisher, “Crossing the Atlantic on a Tall Ship,”


  • Adrian Brijbassi, “An Awesome Sighting of Polar Bears in Arctic Canada,”
  • Juliana Dever, “The Rise and Fall of the Canal Cruise,” CleverDever Wherever
  • Lynn Gagnon, “Spectacular Paris & Normandie AmaWaterways Cruise,” BonVoyageurs
  • Donna Hull, “Iceberg Hunting in Greenland on a Silversea Expedition Cruise,” My Itchy Travel Feet
  • Douglas Peebles, “Asia Extravaganza,” Porthole Cruise Magazine online

Category 144: Personality and Profiles – Online Publication

  • Gold: Jayme Moye, “How Did a Blind Man Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan in a Day?,” National Geographic
  • Silver: Kristin Winet, “Keeping Hungary’s Paprika Tradition Alive,” Paste Magazine
  • Bronze: Rich Grant, “George Washington’s New York,” Huffington Post


  • Jodi Ettenberg, “The Cow Head Philosopher King of Oaxaca,” Legal Nomads
  • Rich Grant, “Traveling with Mark Twain in Hawaii,” Huffington Post
  • Kristin Henning, “Crossing Barriers in Israel with Green Olive Tours,” Travel Past 50

Category 145: Historical Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Kathleen Mangan, “Secrets of the Soda Bread Masters,”
  • Silver: Juliana Dever, “Barnabs Fehrr Holocaust Remembrance Across Time and Faith,” CleverDever Wherever
  • Bronze (tie): Kathryn Reed, “Manzanar – Testament to racism in the U.S.,” Lake Tahoe News
  • Bronze (tie): Laura Longwell, “The Remarkable Moravian History of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,” Travel Addicts


  • Lucas Aykroyd, “Exploring the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh,” Vancouver Courier
  • Kathleen Walls, “Oh God for One More Breath,” American Roads and Global Highways

Category 146: 50+ Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Donna Meyer, “Sleeping With Ike: The Eisenhower Hotel at Culzean Castle,” NomadWomen
  • Silver: Don Mankin, “ Limping Through the Czech Republic,” We Said Go Travel
  • Bronze: Donna Hull, “Visiting Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley in the Winter,” My Itchy Travel Feet


  • Denis and Lynn Gagnon, “Paradis Latin … Sophisticated Sexy French Cabaret,” BonVoyageurs
  • Donna Hull, “Journey to the Arctic Ice,” My Itchy Travel Feet
  • Don Mankin, “Whales, Walruses and Polar Bears in the Russian Far East ( Long Version),” We Said Go Travel
  • Don Mankin, “Living History in Ethiopia,” Huffington Post

Category 147: Intergenerational and Family Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Eric Stoen, “The Ultimate Family Tradition: One-on-One Vacations with Dad,” Travelocity
  • Silver: Mia Taylor, “What’s Hot in Family Travel for 2017: Education, Cultural Immersion And Service,” TheStreet
  • Bronze: Melinda Crow, “#TravelTruth: Your Kids Need Travel More than They Need Sports,” FirstRead.Me


  • Michele Peterson, “Visiting Niagara Falls with Grandchildren: A Boomers Guide,” Getting on Travel
  • Mindy Poder, “Visiting the Real Home of ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’,”
  • Candyce Stapen, “10 Great Family Ski REsorts with Learn-to-Ski and Snowboard Programs,”

Category 148: Culinary Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Juliana Dever, “Drinking Georgian Qvevri Wine Daily is Super Healthy! They Say,” CleverDever Wherever
  • Silver: Kimberly Simpson, “Southern Star: Serving Up Carolina on a Plate,”
  • Bronze: Elaine Schoch, “The secret is out! Idaho is the next must sip wine country,” Carpe Travel


  • Alison Abbott, “Beyond the Terra Cotta Warriors,” Food Wine and Travel Magazine
  • Adrian Brijbassi, “Chef Michael Smith Reaches New Heights,”
  • Anja Mutic, “How to Drink Coffee Like a Bedouin,” Fathom

Category 149: Cultural, Educational, Self-Improvement Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Mia Taylor, “Inside One of the Year’s Biggest Trends: Wellness Festivals via the Bhakti Fest,” TheStreet
  • Silver: Lina Stock, “How Traveling the World Changed my Perspective of the USA,” Divergent Travelers
  • Bronze: Elaine Glusac, “College Countdown,” Virtuoso Life


  • Valerie Chen, “Granville 404, the Heart of Hyatt Ziva and Zilara Rose Hall,”
  • Darrin DuFord, “The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus,” Perceptive Travel
  • Rich Grant, “Bad Night in Bodrum: An Adventure in Turkey,”
  • Anja Mutic, “How to Drink Coffee Like a Bedouin,” Fathom

Category 150: Eco, Environmental or Special Purpose Travel – Online Publication

  • Gold: Kristin Henning, “A Land-based Visit to the Galapagos,” Travel Past 50
  • Silver: Kristin Henning, “Hiking Nature Parks in Cuba,” Travel Past 50
  • Bronze: Adrian Brijbassi, “First Nation Revives a Tree-Cutting Ceremony,”


  • Sarah Staples, “Running the Baja 1000, a dusty slice of off-road paradise,”
  • Lea Lane, “We Flew To Nashville For The Total Solar Eclipse — Was The Experience As Awesome As We Had Hoped?,”

Category 160: Travel Broadcast – Video

  • Gold: Mike Shubic, “Janesville, Wisconsin Winter Road Trip,”
  • Silver: Christine van Blokland, “Take Me Away…The Floating Church of Montenegro,” USA Today Travel
  • Bronze: Len Kaufman, “Sailing Aqua Mekong: Cambodia to Vietnam,”


  • Glenn Abbott, “Seats of Glory: TX Toilet Seat Art Museum,” Harley-Davidson’s HOG Magazine – digital edition
  • Glenn Abbott, “Secrets of the Mighty Mississippi,” The Village Celebration (online magazine)
  • Skye Mayring, “St. Kitts Slavery, History and Tourism,” Joan Jetsetter

Category 161: Travel Broadcast, Audio

  • Gold: Liz Beatty, “No-limits Travel for the Blind,” Native Traveler on SiriusXM Canada Talks Channel 167
  • Silver: Scott Gurian, “Turkmenistan: Just Plain Weird,” Far From Home podcast
  • Bronze: Liz Beatty, “Welcome to Cody,” SiriusXM Canada Talks Channel 167


  • Liz Beatty, “Me Resolvi — The Best of Cuba,” SiriusXM Canada Talks Channel 167
  • Chris Christensen, “Travel to Eastern Taiwan Amateur Traveler Episode 533,”
  • Randy Sharman, “Kind Traveler,” The Informed Traveler

Category 170: Photography: Overall Excellence – Print Publication

  • Gold: Lola Akerstrom, “In Pictures: Greenland,” National Geographic Traveller
  • Silver: David Noyes, “The Lost City of the Inca,” Elite+ Magazine
  • Bronze: David Noyes, “The Lure of Tibet,” Elite+ Magazine


  • Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Kevin J. Miyazaki, “Slowly Up the Ganges,” Virtuoso Life
  • Kimberly Simpson, “Cuba’s Moment,” AAA Living Magazine

Category 170A: Photography: Overall Excellence, Online Publication

  • Gold: Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Melissa Adams, “She Called Me Bindaas,” Perceptive Travel
  • Bronze: Tom Bartel, “Photos of Cuba,” Travel Past 50


  • Gary Arndt, “The Danakil Depression: The Most Hellish Place on Earth,” Everything Everywhere
  • Rose Palmer, “Photo Essay: The Louvre as Art,”
  • Lina Stock, “11 Must Visit Places in Indonesia,” Divergent Travelers

Category 171: Photography: Cover Photo, Illustration – Print or Online

  • Gold: Matthew Long, “Floating House in Tahiti,” LandLopers
  • Silver: Ricky Kalra, “Cover Photo for December 2016 Issue,” SHUBH YATRA
  • Bronze: Ball & Albanese, “Downtown Darling,” Virtuoso Life


  • Jeana Shandraw, “Antarctica Kayakers with Seal Pups,” TravelWorld International Magazine
  • Arnold Wayne Jones, “North to Vancouver,” Dallas Voice

Category 172: Photography: Landscape, Seascape – Print or Online

  • Gold: Gary Arndt, “Heaven and Hell,” Everything Everywhere
  • Silver: Barbara Sligl, “Valley of the Phantoms,” Just for Canadian Dentists magazine
  • Bronze: Jim Richardson, “British Accents,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Keith Ladzinski, “Europe’s Grandest Hike,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Barbara Sligl, “Standing at Edge of Ilulissat Icefjord,” Just for Canadian Dentists magazine

Category 173: Photography: Portrait, People – Print Publication

  • Gold: David Noyes, “A Young Nun of Tsodzong Monastery,” Elite+ Magazine
  • Silver: Christian Rodriguez, “Bolivia on Fire,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: David Noyes, “School Time in Tibet,” Elite+ Magazine


  • Jeffrey Friedl, “Japanese Archer,” Private Clubs
  • Barbara Sligl, “Cubana in Havana,” Just for Canadian Doctors Magazine

Category 173A: Photography: Portrait, People – Online Publication

  • Gold: Robert Jerome, “Masquerade: Carnival in Martinique,”
  • Silver: Robert Jerome, “Jilted Bride; Carnival in Martinique,”
  • Bronze: Tammilee Tillison, “Zydeco music man,” Tammilee Tips


  • Tom Bartel, “Fortune Teller, Havana, Cuba,” Travel Past 50
  • Robert Jerome, “Irene Obera, 83, 2016 World Masters Athlete of the Year, Perth, Australia,”
  • Tammilee Tillison, “Doris and her Tequila Soaked Gummy Worms,” Tammilee Tips

Category 174: Photography: Facility, Architectural – Print or Online

  • Gold: Lina Stock, “The Soul of Hamburg,” Divergent Travelers
  • Silver: Gary Arndt, “Ghent at Night,” Everything Everywhere
  • Bronze: Gary Crow, “Galleria Nights,”FirstRead.Me


  • Gary Arndt, “The Kennecott Copper Mine, Alaska,” Everything Everywhere
  • Robert Jerome, “Portland Head Lighthouse,” The Rail Monthly
  • Rose Palmer, “PhotoPOSTcard: A Peaceful Perspective of the Eiffel Tower,”

Category 175: Photography: Nature – Print or Online

  • Gold: Tim Laman, “Nice Shot: On High With An Orangutan,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Silver: Tammilee Tillison, “Sloth hanging out,” Tammilee Tips
  • Bronze: Gary Arndt, “Wild Stallion on Sable Island,” Everything Everywhere


  • Gary Arndt, “Polar Bear and Paw Print,” Everything Everywhere
  • Ken Geiger, “Drive Yourself Wild,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 176: Photo Essay – Print or Online

  • Gold: Jocelyn Bell, “Many Faces, One Humanity,” The United Church Observer
  • Silver: Christoph Niemann, “North,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: Liz Carlson, “22 photos to inspire you to visit Ireland,” Young Adventuress


  • Alex Webb, “Malta in Motion,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Korena Bolding Sinnett, “It’s the Little Things,” Virtuoso Life

Category 190: Travel Guide or Book

  • Gold: Steve Rosenberg, “The Complete Guide to Dive Sites, Land Tours, Wildlife & Travel Basics Throughout the Archipelago,” Dive and Travel Galapagos
  • Silver: Lisa Maloney, “Moon Alaska,” Avalon Travel
  • Bronze: Jody Halsted, “Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams,” Ireland Family Vacations


  • Lola Akinmade Akerstrom, Due North
  • Rob Goss, “Travel Pack: Kyoto and Nara,” Tuttle Publishing
  • Randy Johnson, “Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway,” Falcon Guides

Category 191: Trade Travel Article

  • Gold: Skye Mayring, “Virtually Yours,” TravelAge West
  • Silver: Mindy Poder, “Bringing Sexy Back,” TravelAge West
  • Bronze: Angie Orth, “13 Things Brands Want Travel Bloggers to Know,”


  • Rob Goss, “Lights, Action…Tokyo,” MIX
  • Tim Leffel, “Does Your Website Attract or Repel the Media?,” Adventure Travel News
  • Avery Stonich, “Yes, It’s Safe: How Israel Overcomes Uncertainty to Drive Tourism,” RootsRated

Category 192: Travel Roundups

  • Gold: Liz Carlson, “10 reasons not to miss Central Otago, New Zealand,” Young Adventuress
  • Silver: Adam Pitluk, “A Definitive Guide to the Best Macarons in Paris,” Town & Country
  • Bronze: National Geographic Traveler Staff National Geographic Traveler Staff, “Best of the World 2017,” National Geographic Traveler


  • Lois Alter Mark, “Here are 10 things to do at Mall of America besides shop,” USA Today
  • Valerie Chen, “Wander These Global Wonders,” TravelAge West
  • Maryellen Kennedy Duckett, “Worth Every Step,” National Geographic Traveler

Category 193: Travel Tips and Advice

  • Gold: Melinda Crow, “How to Make Money on Oversold Flights,” Travel Pulse
  • Silver: Adam Groffman, “Your Ultimate Guide to LGBT Gay Travel Resources,” Travels of Adam
  • Bronze: Melinda Crow, “Life Hacks Every Mom Should Know Before Traveling with Kids,” Travel Pulse


  • Jody Halsted, “THE 411 ON COUNTY GALWAY WITH KIDS,” Family Travel 411
  • Jody Halsted, “Ten Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Ireland with Kids,” Family Travel 411
  • Kristin Henning, “Tips for First-Time Travelers to Vietnam,” Travel Past 50
  • Shelly Rivoli, “What They SHOULD Have Been Discussing on the Delta Flight YouTube Video Where the Family Gets Kicked Off…,”


Category 200: Visitors’ Guide (Printed or Digital)

  • Gold: Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism, “2017 Arkansas Travel Guide”
  • Silver: Atlanta Magazine, “2016 Georgia Travel Guide”
  • Bronze: Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau, “2017 Official Visitors Guide”


  • Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, “#FLXTripIdeas”
  • San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, “San Juan Islands Visitors Guide”
  • New Bern – Craven County Convention & Visitor Center, “New Bern, NC 2017 Visitor Guide”

Category 201: Destination Video

  • Gold: Washington County Visitors Association: The Tualatin Valley, “Introducing the Tualatin Valley Destination Video”
  • Silver: South County Tourism Council, “Matunuck Oyster Bar & Vegetable Farm Video”
  • Bronze: Visit Big Bend, “Visit Big Bend – Film Tourism Video 2017”


  • Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau, “You Never Know What Will Happen Next in Branson – Moses at Branson Landing”
  • Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Welcome to Durham, NC”

Category 203: Social Media or Marketing Campaign

  • Gold: Outer Banks Visitors Bureau, “OBX Influencer Campaign”
  • Silver: South African Tourism/Sparkloft Media, “#WOWSouthAfrica Influencer Tour”
  • Bronze: Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau, “Slice of Orange”

Finalist: Branson Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Selfie Stars”


Category 300: Travel Magazine

  • Gold: “Ensemble Vacations Summer 2017,” Vacations Magazine
  • Silver: “Best 24 Hours Issue,” National Geographic Traveler
  • Bronze: “Summer 2017 Issue,” Private Clubs

Finalist: “Fall 2016 Issue,” AAA Traveler Worldwise

Category 302: Online Travel Magazine

  • Gold: France’s World Heritage Sites (Jerome Sabatier)
  • Silver: Qantas Travel Insider
  • Bronze: Family Travel 411 (Shelly Rivoli)
  • Bronze: LuxeGetaways Magazine (Damon Banks)


  • (Irene Levine and Janice Mucalov)
  • My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel (Donna Hull)

Category 303: Independent Travel Blog

  • Gold: Drink Tea & Travel (Oksana St. John)
  • Silver: Everything Everywhere (Gary Arndt)
  • Bronze: Legal Nomads (Jodi Ettenberg)


  • Travel Babbo (Eric Stoen)
  • BonVoyageurs (Denis and Lynn Gagnon)
  • My Irie Time (Wendy Gunderson)
  • Angie Away | The Global Life with the Girl Next Door (Angie Orth)