Category 300: Travel Magazine

Gold Award: Condé Nast Traveler, March 2022 Issue

Silver Award: Travel + Leisure, August 2022 Issue

Bronze Award: AAA Traveler Worldwise

Honorable Mention: Robb Report, The Travel Issue (May 2022)

Category 301: Independent Travel Blog

Gold Award: Brad A. Johnson, Brad A. Johnson, Food & Travel

Silver Award: Carolyn Scott, The Healthy Voyager

Bronze Award: Arial Evans, America From The Road

Honorable Mention: KyAnn Lewis, KidTripster

Honorable Mention: Lina Stock,


Category 100: Destination Travel

Gold Award: Heide Brandes, “Sleeping in the morgue of Eureka Springs’ Crescent Hotel, one of the most haunted places”, Roadtrippers

Silver Award: Terri Colby, “Sky high, stargazing in the Midwest”, Chicago Tribune

Bronze Award: Rob Goss, “The Michinoku Coastal Trail: Japan’s new 1,000km path”, BBC Travel

Honorable Mention: Tarajia Morrell, “Soul Of New York – A Guide to 30 Exceptional Experiences”, Jonglez Publishing

Category 101: Illustrated Story

Gold Award: Brandon Cole, “Into the Black, and Blue”, Scuba Diving magazine

Silver Award: Amy Berenbeim, “Time Travel”, National Parks

Bronze Award: Brad A. Johnson, “Hotel Review: San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito”, Brad A. Johnson, Food & Travel

Honorable Mention: Douglas Peebles, “Fun, Frigid Fairbanks”, Star Advertiser Sunday Travel

Category 102: Long-Form Narrative/Personal Essay

Gold Award: Mattathias Schwartz, “The Ayahuasca Diaries”, Insider

Silver Award: Anne Sigmon, “In the Garden of the Fox”, Wandering in Japan: The Spirit of Tokyo, Kyoto and Beyond

Bronze Award: Kelsey Vlamis, “Disaster at 18,200 feet”, Insider

Category 120: Personality and Profiles

Gold Award: Katherine DeGroff, “Park Ink”, National Parks

Silver Award: Daliah Singer, “Behind One Chef’s Mission to Create a Diverse and Stable Restaurant Industry”, 5280

Bronze Award: Rachel Ng, “Hawaiian Foodways Are Vanishing. Chef Brian Hirata Won’t Let That Happen”,

Honorable Mention: Heide Brandes, “The Angel of Ash Forke”, Route Magazine

Honorable Mention: Keri Bridgwater, “This Fearless Female Wrangler Runs One of California’s Most Historic Dude Ranches”, Fodor’s

Category 121: Luxury and Resort Travel

Gold Award: Timothy Scott Leffel, “Casa de La Playa Hotel Review — Riviera Maya”, Luxury Latin America

Silver Award: Brooke Morton, “An Island of One’s Own”, Scuba Diving magazine

Bronze Award: Jordi Lippe-McGraw, “Vacation Like a Billionaire on Richard Branson’s New Private Island”, Conde Nast Traveler

Honorable Mention: Jenn Smith Nelson, “The Low Down: Klahoose Wilderness Resort”, Explore Magazine

Category 122: Sports, Recreation and Adventure

Gold Award: Jennifer Flowers, “One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Birding, the Hot Travel Trend”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Silver Award: Jen Murphy, “Montana’s Big Sky Ski Resort Finally Gets Its Moment in the Sun”, Bloomberg Businessweek

Bronze Award: Dan Schlossberg, “Legendary Ballparks”, TravelWorld International

Honorable Mention: Gillian Kendall, “This Country Has So Many Hot Springs (a.k.a. “Hot Spring Hopping in New Zealand”)”, Fodor’s

Honorable Mention: Christopher Solomon, “Rolling on the River”, Travel + Leisure

Category 123: Cruises

Gold Award: Fran Golden, “Branson’s Virgin Voyages Courts First- Time Cruisers, Cures Inhibition”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Silver Award: Don George, “Cruising to the Galápagos Islands”, AAA Explorer Magazine

Bronze Award: Mark Orwoll, “Forward with Onward”, Porthole Cruise & Travel

Honorable Mention: Jesse Ashlock, “Origin Story”, Condé Nast Traveler

Honorable Mention: Fran Golden, “Crystal Cruises’s Epic Demise Leaves Customers Out $100 Million – or More”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Category 124: Historical Travel

Gold Award: Sojourner White, “How Traveling by Train Led Me to Learn About My Family’s Black History”, Travel + Leisure

Silver Award: Rose Palmer, “How to Visit Mt. Athos, Greece – Even If You Are Female”,

Bronze Award: Starlight Williams, “Secrets of Harriet Tubman’s life are being revealed 100 years later”, National Geographic Travel

Honorable Mention: Janisse Ray, “‘First, Tell the Truth’”, National Parks

Honorable Mention: Stanley Stewart, “A Sicilian Story”, Travel + Leisure

Category 125: Family or 60+ Travel

Gold Award: Andrew Sessa, “Cancún with Kids”, The Houston Chronicle’s HC Magazine

Silver Award: Jon Gorey, “Winter Playground: When temperatures drop, head to Quebec City for European vibes and its fairy-tale winter carnival”, Boston Globe Magazine

Bronze Award: Flora Stubbs, “Once Upon A Time In Italy”, Travel + Leisure

Honorable Mention: Tykesha Burton, “Zion’s Tiny Oasis”, Travel World International Magazine

Honorable Mention: Stacy Tillilie, “Continental Drift”, AAA Traveler Worldwise

Category 126: Culinary Travel

Gold Award: Adam Erace, “Salt Of The Earth”, Travel + Leisure

Silver Award: Anne Sigmon, “Bowing to Washoku”, Wandering in Japan:The Spirit of Tokyo, Kyoto and Beyond

Bronze Award: Ray Isle, “French Pastoral”, Travel + Leisure

Honorable Mention: Stacey Leasca, “I Visited Panama to Try the World’s Most Expensive Coffee — and Now You Can, Too”, Travel + Leisure

Honorable Mention: Vivian Song, “Soufflé, Chateaubriand, Escargots…Mafé?”, Robb Report

Category 127: Cultural Travel

Gold Award: Rob Goss, “Follow in the Footsteps of Samurai on this Ancient Trail”,

Silver Award: Janet Gyenes, “Earth Tones (print); Earth, Straw, and Cultural Revival in America’s Oldest Capital City (digital)”, Montecristo magazine

Bronze Award: Rachna Sachasinh, “Mexico’s ‘pottery of the night’ is perfect for Day of the Dead”, National Geographic Travel

Honorable Mention: Morgan Tilton, “Running to Heal”, Trail Runner Magazine

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Swartz, “Immersive spectaculars take art outside museums for public enjoyment”, East West News Service

Category 128: Sustainable Travel

Gold Award: Gina DeCaprio Vercesi, “This Side of Paradise”, Travel + Leisure

Silver Award: Vivian Song, “Admiring the trees of Paris”, The New York Times

Bronze Award: Jackie Caradonio, “The Hotel Industry’s Big Carbon Lie”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Bain, “Protecting P.E.I.’s Sand Dunes From Footsteps”, National Parks Traveler

Honorable Mention: Jen Murphy, “Hawaii Is Rethinking Tourism. Here’s What That Means for You”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Category 129: Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness Travel

Gold Award: Anne Sigmon, “In the Garden of the Fox”, Wandering in Japan: The Spirit of Tokyo, Kyoto and Beyond

Silver Award: Hillary Richard, “Why Do Travel Tales Put People to Sleep?”, National Geographic Travel

Bronze Award: Sandy Bornstein, “The Benefits of Traveling While Coping with Glioblastoma, an Incurable Brain Cancer”, Wander Magazine

Honorable Mention: Terri Colby, “Sky high, stargazing in the Midwest”, Chicago Tribune

Honorable Mention: Nina Karnikowski, “Reigniting a Sense of Earth Stewardship — and Discovering Soliphilia — Hiking Australia’s Granite Belt”, Marriott Bonvoy Traveler

Category 130: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibilty in Travel

Gold Award: RJ Young, “This Is Tulsa”, Travel + Leisure

Silver Award: Mark Ellwood, “Untold America: A hidden refuge for LGBTQ+ nature lovers”, BBC

Bronze Award: Heide Brandes, “Remember the Removal Bike Ride”, Cowboys & Indians

Honorable Mention: Dorian Fox, “Creative Access”, National Parks

Honorable Mention: Heather Greenwood Davis, “For Muslim hikers, an empowering community makes all the difference”, National Geographic Travel

Category 140: Travel Video – Independent

Gold Award: Karen LeBlanc, “The Design Tourist Meets the Christmas Artisans of The Thuringian Forest”, The Design Tourist Travel Show

Category 141: Travel Video – Commercial

Gold Award: Juliana Broste, “Cruising to Mexico with Princess Cruises”, Princess Cruises YouTube Channel + TravelingJules YouTube Channel

Silver Award: Earl Bridges, “THE GOOD ROAD: Charleston, SC”, PBS/American Public Television

Category 142: Travel Vlog

Gold Award: Juliana Broste, “Valley of Fire Hike in Las Vegas”, TravelingJules YouTube Channel

Category 143: Travel Podcast

Gold Award: Jennifer Errick, “Telling the Truth”, The Secret Lives of Parks

Silver Award: Jennifer Errick, “An American Hero Turns 200”, The Secret Lives of Parks

Bronze Award: Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick, “Walking through the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience”, World Footprints

Category 150: Photography – Cover or Feature Photo/Illustration

Gold Award: Michael Hodgson, “Running with the wind”,

Silver Award: Rose Palmer, “One Day in Cartagena, Columbia – A Colorful, Independent Cruise Excursion”,

Bronze Award: Marco Arguello, “October 2021 cover”, Travel + Leisure

Honorable Mention: Heather Trimm, “A Perfectly Magical Reflection”, Trimm Travels

Category 151: Landscape and Nature Photography

Gold Award: Therese Iknoian, “Milky Way over Bodie Island Lighthouse”,

Silver Award: Cindy Baker, “Smoke & Thunder – Bow Lake Alberta”, Travel Bliss Now

Bronze Award: Alexander Kallimanis, “Golden Birdwatching Sunset on Lake Kerkini, Greece”, Wanderlust Marriage Travel

Honorable Mention: Heather Trimm, “Fall-ow the Path to Hallgrímskirkja”, Trimm Travels

Category 152: Portrait Photography

Gold Award: Therese Iknoian, “Contemplative Maasai Warrior in Kenya”,

Silver Award: Rose Palmer, “Waiting to Make a Dollar in Cartagena”,

Bronze Award: Marco Arguello, “Days of Wine and Roses”, Travel + Leisure

Category 153: Outdoor and Adventure Photography

Gold Award: Leslie Oh, “Lost and Found”, Alpinist Magazine

Silver Award: Arial Evans, “Fly Fishing On Avalanche Lake”, America From The Road

Bronze (tie) Award: Lauren Monitz, “Ascend the Sea Stacks at Cruit Island”,

Bronze (tie) Award: Tom Fowlks, “Rolling on the River”, Travel + Leisure

Category 154: Photo Essay

Gold Award: Michael Hodgson, “Death of a wildebeest: Great Migration crocodile attack”,

Silver Award: Frederic Lagrange, “Fire & Ice”, Travel + Leisure

Bronze Award: Therese Iknoian, “Explore five lighthouses of the Outer Banks in photos”,

Honorable Mention: Pallavi Kumar, “A Guide to Barbecue Around the World—in All Its Tangy, Spicy, and Charred Glory”, Condé Nast Traveler

Category 160: Travel Book or Guide

Gold Award: Moon Travel Guides, “Moon USA State by State: The Best Things to Do in Every State for Your Travel Bucket List”, Moon Travel

Silver Award: Laurie McAndish King and Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Wandering in Japan: The Spirit of Tokyo, Kyoto and Beyond

Bronze Award: Claudia Laroye, A Gelato a Day

Honorable Mention: Sandy Bornstein, “100 Things to Do in Boulder Before You Die”, Reedy Press

Honorable Mention: Rosalind Cummings-Yeates, “Moon 52 Things to Do in Chicago”, Moon Travel

Honorable Mention: Steve Rosenberg, “Dive and Travel Turks and Caicos”

Category 161: Trade Travel Article

Gold Award: Betsy Blumenthal, “Bright Ideas in Travel 2022”, Condé Nast Traveler

Silver Award: Nikki Ekstein, James Ellis, and Chris Rovzar, “Travel Trouble”, Bloomberg Businessweek

Bronze Award: Jayme Moye, “Tenureland: Why Adventure Tourism Tenure in the Kootenays is So Divisive”, Kootenay Mountain Culture

Honorable Mention: Dori Saltzman, “How to Build Business and Trust with Expert Cruise Reviews”,

Category 162: Travel Tips & Advice

Gold Award: Nikki Ekstein, “How to Plan a Last-Minute Summer Getaway Without Breaking the Bank”, Bloomberg Pursuits

Silver Award: Kathleen Mangan, “Best Under-the-Radar Places in Ireland 2022”,

Bronze Award: Jen Ruiz, “15 Tricks to Travel for Less–With or Without Credit Cards”, Fodor’s Travel

Honorable Mention: Stacy Tillilie, “Where to Get the Best Cheesesteaks in Philly”, The Extra Mile, the blog of AAA Club Alliance


Category 200: Visitors’ Guide

Gold Award:  Southern Luxury Publishing, “Explore the Northshore”

Silver Award:  Arkansas Tourism, “2022 Travel Guide”

Bronze Award:  Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Official Destination Guide to Huntsville/Madison County”

Category 201: Destination Video

Gold Award:  Visit Buffalo Niagara, “The Colors of Buffalo

Silver Award:  Kansas Tourism, “Spring 2022 Commercials

Bronze Award:  The San Francisco Peninsula, “The San Francisco Peninsula: South of San Francisco, North of Expectations

Category 202: Creative Marketing Campaign

Gold Award:  Visit Topeka, “Topeka Dino Days

Silver Award:  Visit Indiana/Indiana Destination Development Corporation, “Pie Day-to-Pi Day

Bronze Award:  Kansas Tourism, “To the Stories Series”

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