Established in 1968, Ensemble Travel Group is an organization of top-tier travel agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our U.S. office is based in New York; our Canadian office is based in Toronto.

We create marketing tools on behalf of our agencies, such as our inspirational travel magazines that are distributed to their database of clients. 

Enjoy a richer, more memorable travel experience when you choose an Ensemble member agency.

With decades of experience and thousands of travel advisors throughout the U.S. and Canada, Ensemble is a travel consortium that can always help connect you with the trip of your dreams.

1. What is Range?
Range is Ensemble’s new quarterly travel and lifestyle magazine featuring lively, authoritative storytelling and lush, immersive photography. The magazine is designed to get people excited and talking about travel, igniting their wanderlust with plenty of information and inspiration to guide them as they plan their next getaways.

2. When did the publication launch?
We launched the inaugural issue in January, and followed it with Range’s sister publication, Range Best, which features exclusive offers from Ensemble’s top partners.

3. How can we access and enjoy some of the content you publish?
The magazine is currently available to select Ensemble members or digitally on demand at with a new website in the works (stay tuned!).

4. How did you hear about NATJA, why did you join?
Our growing team of award-winning travel editors and designers are all long-time fans of NATJA and it just makes sense for us to be a part of such a wonderfully diverse and dynamic association.

5. Is there anything else you feel travel media should know about your publication?
We laid a strong foundation with our first issue and are excited to be working on the evolution of Range with our July issue, which has a light and breezy “sun & sand” focus.

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