In 2021 I gave Wai-nani a new look and published the third edition of the story that remains my proudest Achievement. Wai-nani casts a hypnotic spell that transports you to ancient Hawai’i.  Available on Amazon and my site

Embrace of the Wild inspired by the indomitable equestrian explorer, Isabella Bird, was the winner in the historical fiction category at the Equus Film Festival. Available on Amazon and my site

Lost Angel Walkabout is now in audiobook format for armchair travelers Audible coupons for U.S. and U.K are available for the asking.

2022 is a new beginning filled with promise.  I plan to do a Mountain Tour in colorful Colorado following in my heroine, Isabella Bird’s, hoof prints. I will be doing book signings along the way in Evergreen, Conifer, and hopefully Estes Park.

My website is on the top of the list of these travel blogs posted by Fit Life Travel. If you scroll through the list it will give enough travel ideas to keep you busy for a year or two.

In 2022 I will be gathering stories for my next travel collection Lost Angel Unleashed.  I look forward to more free-wheeling adventures.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with travel fun. You are always welcome to share your adventures with me at:

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