Last month, the NATJA Advisory Board held its first annual retreat where they discussed potential new member benefits and exciting professional development sessions for our annual conference. Hosted by NATJA members Marc Kassouf and Nathan DePetris, proprietors of Strawberry Creek Inn and Quiet Creek Inn, the naturally tranquil setting of the retreat created a serene environment, opening the door to innovate conversation and a healthy flow of ideas. The media attendees were Susan Cohn, Tonya Fitzpatrick, Jeffrey Lehmann, Shelly Rivoli, Nathan De Petris, Helen Hatzis & Tim Leffel, alongside attending CVB representatives Jo Duncan – The Beenders Walker Group, Francesca Donlan – Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Barbara Marrett – San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau, Charles Winters – Huntsville/Madison County CVB, Kathryn Farrington – Discover Newport, RI. Advisory board not able to attend were Vickie Ashford, Gustavo Rivas-Solis, Dale Sanders, Robert Jerome. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Marc and Nathan for hosting and everyone able to attend, we are excited to implement the thought provoking ideas generated from this inspiring retreat.

Advisory Board in Idyllwild, Ca First Annual Advisory Board Retreat   Photo Credit: Jeffrey Lehmann (Left to right:  Tim Leffel, Nathan DePetris, Barbara Marrett, Tonya Fitzpatrick, Yani Leon, Brittney Hernandez, Shelly Rivoli, Kathryn Farrington, Helen Hatzis, Francesca Donlan, Jeffrey  Lehmann, Helen Hernandez, Susan Cohn, Jo Duncan, and Marc Kassouf) 
Advisory Board ‘Brain Storm’ at Strawberry Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast  Photo Credit: Helen Hernandez [(Left to right) Photo 1:  Jo Duncan, Tonya Fitzpatrick, Jeffrey Lehmann, Susan Cohn Photo 2:  Shelly Rivoli, Brittney Hernandez, Helen Hatzis, Barbara Marrett, Francesca Donlan, and Yani Leon  Photo 3: Charles Winters, Nathan DePetris, Tim Leffel and Ben Root]

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