Dear NATJA Family,

Our thoughts are with our friends in Maui affected by the fires and Florida who experienced the brute force of Hurricane Idalia. As travelers, many of us have visited Maui and the historic village of Lahaina and have fond memories of our time there. The beautiful Florida beaches along the Gulf Coast have long been welcoming to tourists. We hope the communities affected by these tragedies find comfort, strength, and relief as they go through the process of recovery.

Today begins the entry period for the 32nd Annual NATJA Awards Competition. We are thrilled to announce that we will include new overall honors for achievements in the competition: Travel Journalist of the Year; Photographer of the Year; Destination of the Year; and Magazine of the Year. These awards will be given to an individual or team that has excelled in the accumulation of awards. A point system will be in place to determine the overall winners across the different categories. The entry period runs from September 1 – 30, so get your entries in! 

Visit Galveston has been working closely with us to organize our annual conference with activities centered around this Gulf of Mexico destination. Register today and take advantage of our payment plan. Payments between now and March 31, 2024 are only $99 per month for media registration! Remember, this includes hotel accommodations, tours, meals, and professional development!

Looking forward to your participation in these two exciting activities!



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