Dear NATJA Members,

As this year draws to a close, we look back and are thankful for so much. In spite of its challenges, 2020 provided opportunities for reflection on our lives and a deeper appreciation for family, friendships and travel. It appears that an effective vaccine is on the horizon, which would help provide a normal life again. We are all counting the days! We will keep an eye out for developments on vaccine distribution in the United States, Canada and abroad. 

At NATJA, we are grateful for all of YOU and your continued support. Because we have missed connecting with you in person, we invite you to join us for a little NATJA membership virtual mixer this Monday, November 23rd at 11am PT/2pm ET. The mixer is open to all NATJA members and you will find more details below.

Let’s raise a glass this Thanksgiving in appreciation for our community and the memories we have created together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Helen Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer

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