NATJA Notes: July 1, 2023

Click here to learn more! Greetings to our Canadian and U.S. members! As we celebrate the birth of our nations, we reflect on the freedoms we enjoy every day living in our wonderful and democratic countries. While not without flaws, we strive every day to make our nations more perfect unions, and that is not […]

2023 July Featured Journalist of the Month: Ken Budd

Growth. Purpose. Exploration. Love. These are key themes in my work, especially my award-winning memoir The Voluntourist (William Morrow). The book shares my adventures as a volunteer in six countries and my search for meaning as I cope with my father’s death and attempt to live a life that matters. In 2020, my Washington Post […]

2023 July Featured Journalist of the Month: Nancy Wigston

A graduate of the University of Toronto with a PhD in English literature, I taught English Lit and Creative Writing at the Toronto French School, followed by a stint teaching Literary Travel at UofT’s School of Continuing Education. An experienced writer with expertise in travel writing, profiles, book reviewing, medical, historical, and social issues, in […]

U.S. Marshals Museum opens July 1 in Fort Smith, Arkansas 

Arkansas Tourism

The U.S. Marshals Museum, a world-class, national museum located on the banks of the beautiful Arkansas River in Fort Smith, Arkansas, will open its doors to visitors on July 1, 2023.  The U.S. Marshals Service is the oldest American federal law enforcement agency, created in 1789 by President George Washington. Since then, U.S. Marshals have […]

State of Nayarit obtains largest number of new ‘Magical Towns’

The state of Nayarit is in the mood to celebrate. Earlier this week, Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) held a press conference in Mexico City where Nayarit State’s Minister of Tourism, Juan Enrique Suárez del Real Tostado, was presented five new Pueblos Magicos, or “Magical Towns,” designations for the Pacific Coast destination, including the towns […]

Klipsch Museum of Audio History

Arkansas Tourism

An impressive depth of audio history can be found in and around the town of Hope. Klipsch is currently one of the leading loudspeaker companies in the country, and there is still a Klipsch manufacturing facility in town. The founder of this company was a Hope resident and audio pioneer named Paul Klipsch (1904-2002). The Klipsch Heritage […]

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