National Plan for Vacation Day January 31

National Plan for Vacation Day is January 31, reminding Arkansans that now is the time to plan for vacation.

Studies show that just planning for a trip boosts morale, reduces stress and prevents burnout. National Plan for Vacation Day is a chance to turn that excitement into a vacation reality.

“By planning ahead now, Arkansans can start feeling the joy of looking forward to their next adventure in The Natural State,” said Travis Napper, director of Arkansas Tourism. “With so many opportunities within Arkansas, the travel possibilities are endless.”

National Plan for Vacation Day occurs on the last Tuesday in January each year, encouraging Americans to plan their vacation days for the whole year at the start of the year. The idea is simple – taking a trip all starts with a plan.

According to U.S. Travel, nearly half of American households don’t take this simple step and lose out on their time off and the health and emotional benefits it brings.

Using vacation days to travel can improve the economy, create jobs and has a positive impact on health and overall well-being. In fact, if Americans used all their time off to travel, our economy could see a boost of $151.5 billion in travel spending and an additional 2 million U.S. jobs, says U.S. Travel.

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Arkansas Tourism
Arkansas Tourism, a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism, strives to expand the economic impact of travel and tourism in the state and enhance the quality of life for all Arkansans. The division manages 14 Arkansas Welcome Centers and employs more than 60 staff members across The Natural State. For more information, visit

Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism
The Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism protects and promotes our state’s natural, cultural and historic assets, contributing to a thriving economy and high quality of life. It is made up of three divisions: Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Heritage and Arkansas Tourism. Mike Mills serves as the cabinet secretary for the department.

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