Short trails, long trails. High altitudes, low altitudes. Desert paths or ocean destinations. Todos Santos has a mountain biking trail for everybody.

Todos Santos – September 9, 2022 – This oceanside resort area gets a fair billing for its beaches and water sports. However, its bike paths through the Sierra de la Laguna mountains deserve some attention, too. . No matter what your endurance level is, or what kind of scenery you enjoy, there is no shortage of trails around Todos Santos.

Circular Trails

Because the Sierras are so close to Todos Santos, you can bike in one of many circular routes near the town, while still being in the mountains. Many of these trails, which loop around the town, are about 17 kilometers (10 ½ miles) long, with varying altitudes. These trails offer panoramic views of Todos Santos’ beaches with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

Or, for something more straightforward, the La Garita trail heads due north of Todos Santos, parallel to Highway 19, a major path running along the coastline and through the middle of Baja. Enjoy the rustic beauty of a sandy desert pathway through one of the most breathtaking parts of the peninsula, or take similar routes through the highpoints of the Sierras.

Shorter Paths

Not up for a long, steep hike? No problem! Shorter trails such as the Rápida (10.5 kilometers) and the Guaycura (8.9 kilometers) stay pretty close to town and offer moderate climbs. On these routes, you’ll get a look at the beautiful southern Baja California coastline from multiple angles.

Water Destinations

If you want to end your adventure with a water landing, you can bike to Punta Lobos Puerta Vieja, which runs down the coast to the south. For more experienced cyclists, the Playa Balandra route takes you to the Sea of ​​Cortez, a route of about 111 kilometers. Or try the Médano, which you can follow from Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas, an 80-kilometer route to the south coast.

Guaycura—Your Home Base

What do all of these routes have in common? They all originate near the Guaycura Hotel and Boutique, Todos Santos’ premier site for comfortable rest after your excursion. Take something refreshing and recuperative at the Faro Beach Club, while you plan your next cycling adventure. Let Guaycura, the best hotel in Todos Santos, pamper you! They can also help you set up guided mountain biking tours, and put you in touch with local vendors to make sure you have all the equipment you need. Make your plans today to peddle through your next Baja vacation!

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