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Eksplor Gaming recently released its first series of games to promote travel to regions and destinations as part of a program designed with Arkansas’s Department of Tourism.  To view the games, visit:

Eksplor is a startup venture that creates digital games to help travel destinations engage their visitors in both educational and productive ways.  Eksplor was Ark Tank Business Pitch Winner at the Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism last year, which began the relationship that’s turned into these initial games becoming a reality.

Digital games are the chosen product offering for clients because they educate, are relevant to all ages, create competitive engagement and hold people’s attention. They also can provide incremental revenue generation and visitor data capture toolsets for destinations too.

Each destination in the world has the opportunity to create a unique experience and Eksplor highlights this motto by working directly with clients to tailor games to their specific needs and vision. A destination brings the expertise of their location to the table and Eksplor does the rest, providing the tools to both develop and launch creative and fun games from start to finish. Eksplor provides gaming advice, templates, examples and the flexibility to make a game as simple or complex as needed. The games created, which visitors can access via their phones or computers, can range from trivia games to scavenger hunts to escape rooms to walking tours and more. After games are created, they are launched via the Eksplor App and each destination can use their game as they wish moving forward.

Eksplor’s app platform makes game development easy and their location-based games are both easy to use and fun to play. Eksplor’s digital platform is a progressive web app that is not downloaded on your phone like a native app would be. The benefits of this app style are that there are no downloads, allowing visitors to start to play the games immediately without losing hardly any of the phone’s digital capabilities found in a native app.

Byron Bailey and Phil Shellhammer are the co-founders of Eksplor.  Both founders have extensive experience in the retail industry, which comes in handy as locations work with Eksplor to drive increased sales and visitor data through the game play.

More details about Eksplor can be found at:

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