In 2019, Greensboro Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB) was tasked by Mayor Nancy Vaughan to
partner with marketing firms to gather input from visitors and citizens on their perceptions of

CVB partnered with national firm Development Counselors International (DCI) and local agency
Boulton Creative to create surveys and gather results to better understand people’s impressions
of Greensboro and the city’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Over 4,500 surveys were completed by community members, stakeholders, students and visitors.
The survey was available to residents through the following channels: email blast sent by the
CVB and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the News & Record newspaper ads,
Facebook digital ads and email blast sent by local universities. Focus groups were held and a task
force was also developed. All of this was to help inspire and build new brand messaging.

These key findings have driven the development of a new, authentic brand for Greensboro, as
well as a marketing blueprint for promoting Greensboro to target audiences moving forward. This
brand captures both the welcoming spirit of Greensboro and our appreciation for the wonderful
community that we live in. Through this new branding, we are able to express to potential new residents, companies and organizations that they are welcome in Greensboro, and to share with visitors and current residents the many welcoming amenities, events and benefits they will find here.

In Greensboro, you can be who you want, live how you want and let your voice be heard. Our vast amenities open doors to opportunity and make it easy to grow a family, a business or one’s self. Whatever you’re looking for, in Greensboro, You’re Welcome.

Download the Greensboro Brand Media Kit

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