TOPEKA – The Tourism Division of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism introduced its new tourism marketing tagline and campaign last week, which honors and celebrates the perseverance that defines what it means to be a Kansan. 

The new tagline – To The Stars – builds upon the state’s motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera, meaning “to the stars through difficulty.”

“‘To The Stars’ reminds us who we are and shows us where to go,” said Kansas Tourism director Bridgette Jobe. “It’s a salute to the free-spirited. To the rowdy. To the wide-eyed wanderers. To the dreamers. To the stars.”

The coming year will continue with stories and features on the Kansas Tourism website,, that build on and further develop To The Stars.

Travelers are encouraged to learn about the perseverance that embodies To The Stars displayed by Free Staters in the war against slavery, dust bowl farmers, Santa Fe Trail pioneers, Amelia Earhart, Nicodemus settlers, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, plaintiffs in the Brown v Board of Education landmark case, Greensburg residents, and many other notable Kansans who charged ahead despite adversity. More information about these historical figures, including places to visit to learn about them, can be found on the Kansas Tourism Blog and at

“Like many of us, the travel industry in our state and nation is experiencing unprecedented challenges amidst the global pandemic,” Jobe said. “‘To The Stars’ is as relevant as ever for Kansas, and now we have a chance to learn more about, and take hold of, the fortitude that has forged our state by visiting sites that commemorate them.”

The Division of Tourism is encouraging #SafeTravels which includes physical distancing while exploring Kansas’ wide spaces and unspoiled beauty.

“Everyone is looking for what they can do with their family this summer, and fantastic experiences are waiting just down the road in Kansas,” Jobe said. “Take a road trip to find a new adventure – whether that’s a visit to the Fort Scott National Historic Site to learn more about Bleeding Kansas, a hike at our newest state park Little Jerusalem Badlands, or traveling to buy local beef from a producer and seeing Kansas along the way.”

T-shirts and other merchandise featuring new To The Stars and Kansas designs are available at the Kansas Gear Store.

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