M.T. Liggett Art Environment Grand Opening

The new M.T. Liggett Art Environment is celebrating with a grand opening on October 2nd, 2021. The property in Mullinville, KS was home to M.T. Liggett and his original shop. The property is lined with his signature metal whirligig sculptures that have prompted chuckles, controversy and a lot of visitors since the first artwork went up in 1989. A visit to the new center provides insight to the beloved, folk-plains artist and a chance to explore the hundreds of artworks at this roadside attraction.

New Exhibit: Encountering John Brown

Watkins Museum of History presents, Encountering John Brown. The new exhibit explores the history of the man who helped start the Civil War through firsthand accounts and vivid illustrations of the Americans, from widely recognized to largely unknown, whose lives were altered by their encounters with the man. Utilizing expressive portraits by artist Brad Sneed, the exhibit explores Brown’s story from childhood to his execution for his role in the raid on Harpers Ferry. From his abolitionist roots in Ohio to his role in the violence of “Bleeding Kansas” to his plan to start a slave insurrection beginning with the taking of Harpers Ferry, “Encountering John Brown” follows America’s most prominent abolitionist from cradle to grave and beyond.

National Parks, Refuges, Grasslands & Preserves

Kansas’ National Parks are perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike. The National Park Service administers four National Historic Sites and the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, as well as five National Historic Trails in Kansas. Discover them all below!

In addition to the sites operated by the National Park Service, some of the finest natural landscapes in Kansas are managed by the U.S. government. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) administers four national wildlife refuges (as well as the Great Plains Nature Center), and the U.S. Forest Service manages Cimarron National Grassland. Together, these sites cover more than 167,000 acres of Kansas wilderness. All or portions of each destination listed below are open to the public to enjoy hiking, wildlife-watching, scenic driving and other outdoor activities.

Svensk Hyllningsfest- October 8-9, 2021

Occurring in October of odd numbered years, the residents of Lindsborg, Little Sweden U.S.A., host a community-wide festival and don traditional Swedish folk costumes to celebrate the Swedish pioneers who settled the Smoky Valley in 1868 – 1869. The festival features art and crafts, special foods, ethnic music, and other special entertainment while Swedish folk dancers and musicians add to the flavor of the festival.

Newcomers have as much fun “becoming Swedish” as do the long time residents. This community closeness may be the highest tribute we can pay to the immigrants who also exemplified this kind of unity – a fitting legacy for future residents of the Smoky Valley.

Folk dancing and folk music lend a unique character and spirit to Svensk Hyllningsfest. The Dancers – from eager young grade school students who have been practicing for months, to the Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers (high school age students) and the Lindsborg Folkdanslag (their adult counterparts) – are charming and enthusiastic performers.

The festival also features live demonstrations of cooking, arts, crafts, and folk costumes among others. The parade, featuring area marching bands, floats, antique cars, and other parade entries, is a key attraction.  See here for the full schedule.

One of the best loved events at each Hyllningsfest is the Swedish Smörgåsbord. The reason is simple – the food. Savor the Smörgåsbord, a Scandinavian feast.

Events in Kansas

Check out the wide variety of special events taking place near you year-round – celebrating arts, culture, athletics and more! Need something to do this weekend? Or planning a trip? Kansas has you covered with events and festivals happening every single weekend across the state!

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