The City of North Little Rock has debuted a new video, “My City,” featuring North Little Rock small businesses and the local community. Local poet and entrepreneur, Chris James (The Roots Art ConnectionArkansas Theatre FestivalHouse of Art), narrates the video with an original poem about his love for North Little Rock as familiar North Little Rock community members hold up “Support Local, Support…My Business”, “Support Local, Support…My School” or “Support Local, Support…My City” signs. The video is a love poem to North Little Rock but also has a strong call to action, especially now when times are tough on the local economy: support local.

Robert Birch, North Little Rock’s Director of Development, produced the video and shared with us the process behind it.

The “My City” video is a project of the North Little Rock Small Business Council, which was formed to assist local business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council is responsible for developing the North Little Rock COVID-19 Small Business Economic Support Fund.

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