(LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) War Memorial Stadium is offering six paid designated media spaces for the October 23, 2021, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville vs. University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff game. The paid spaces are intended to allow media to set up promotional tents, etc. the day of the game should they choose to do so.

The six spaces are first-come, first-serve, and are located between Lot 1 and Lot 5 on the median and all have a view of the stadium and are at the beginning of the Hog Walk. They must be purchased online.

Media will still get their credentials from UA-Fayetteville and securing one of these spaces does not negate any other media guidelines and requirements.

About War Memorial Stadium
War Memorial Stadium is managed by Arkansas State Parks, a division of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, the stadium hosts the best in sports and events, while serving as a distinguished memorial to those who have served this country.

About Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism

The Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism has three major divisions: Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Heritage, and Arkansas Tourism. Arkansas State Parks manages 52 state parks and promotes Arkansas as a tourist destination for people around the country. Arkansas Heritage preserves and promotes Arkansas’s natural and cultural history and heritage through four historic museums and four cultural preservation agencies. Arkansas Tourism improves the state’s economy by generating travel and enhancing the image of the state.

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