By: Dan Schlossberg

A group of Hall of Fame baseball players crossed the Atlantic on the Lusitania two years before it was torpedoed. Major-league teams held “spring training” in northern locales for three years in the ’40s because of wartime travel restrictions. The Dodgers acquired their nickname because citizens of Brooklyn had to cross a myriad of trolley tracks to cross the street. The Braves won the World Series once in each of the three cities they called home: Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

These are just some of the many travel stories contained in the latest book from NATJA president emeritus Dan Schlossberg. The 424-page illustrated offbeat history, to be published March 7 by Skyhorse, is called The New Baseball Bible: Lists, Legends, Notes & Nuggets from the National Pastime.

This book is available in paperback format and on Kindle at Amazon.

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