NATJA Notes: Hispanic Heritage Month, Final Weeks for the Awards Competition, and more!

¡Hola! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! We hope you enjoy the bright and lively colors in our banner. During this time, we celebrate the contributions of our Latino/Hispanic/Latinx communities in the U.S. Who doesn’t love a good taco or burrito? Then there are guacamole and salsa! Arepas anyone? And of course, margaritas!  Besides the food and beverage angle, […]

2023 October Featured Journalist of the Month: Rich Grant

In 1972, I moved to Denver as a 22-year-old, pot smoking, pony-tailed hippy driving a VW bug. Fifty years later, I drive a Honda CRV. In between, I worked 35 years for Visit Denver in communications and as a freelance writer. Today, the times have changed. Writing travel stories for seniors is exactly the same […]

2023 October Featured Journalist of the Month: Wendy Gunderson

Film and digital photographer and blogger, sharing my experiences on Film Road Trip,, devoted to film photography, and My Irie Time,, devoted to the Caribbean. 1. What got you into travel writing?I’ve always had an eye for photography, and it was really photography that launched me into travel writing. I entered my first […]

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