Awards FAQ

Why do you charge a submission fee for the awards competition?

All the fees collected for the awards competition go towards the administration of the awards competition and prizes.

I am submitting multiple entries as hard copies into the competition. Do I need to mail or email each entry separately? Should a separate check be included with each entry?

All your entries can be mailed in one package. Each entry must have a separate entry form. Fees for multiple submissions can be paid on one (1) check or one (1) credit card form. You can also submit online here.

Can I submit multiple entries through the Online Submission Portal?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry through the Online Submission Portal. On the submission form, you will be able to add multiple entries by clicking on the “Add Entry” button.

I live in Canada. Can I send a check-in Canadian dollars?

To pay in Canadian dollars, we encourage you to submit through the Online Submission Portal, as you will have the option to pay your submission fees in Canadian dollars. Submission fees paid by check should be in U.S. dollars. If your only banking option is to pay by Canadian-based check, you must add a $5 conversion fee per entry, for a total of $45CAD per entry for media categories. This fee does not apply to credit card charges.

Are photocopies of articles and/or the entry form acceptable?

Yes, we do accept photocopies of articles and the entry form. Photography entries must be submitted as published (for print publication) or as good quality prints, along with a copy of the article in which they appeared.

I am an international journalist, publication, or CVB/DMO. Can I submit to the awards competition?

Yes, international submissions are welcome. Please keep in mind that stories and marketing material must be written in English for the content to be judged properly. Additionally, if sending a check in your local currency with your submission, you must add a $5 conversion fee per entry. The conversion fee does not apply to online and credit card charges.

I am self-submitting an entry for a publication that is submitting in category 300 Travel Magazine. If my entry places in the competition, will the magazine receive points for Magazine of the Year?

Yes, entries that are self-submitted by the journalist/photographer will count towards the magazine’s points for Magazine of the Year.

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