Spring has finally come to California and we are now experiencing normal weather for this time of the year. With all the rain this last February and March, we have record wildflower blooms across our beautiful state. The super blooms can be seen even from space! Hopefully, this will also provide good news for the drought conditions we had experienced. Hope springs eternal!

On another note, we send our thoughts and prayers to our members in North Little Rock and the State of Arkansas in the aftermath of the terrible tornadoes they recently experienced. Tornado season has arrived so we hope you all will stay safe.

We are finalizing our plans for our annual conference. The Explore Fairbanks team has been wonderful to work with and they have put together a conference agenda that is educational and fun. In anticipation of this event, we will be inviting all of our members to a virtual meeting where information about Fairbanks will be shared and, as always, will include door prizes! Stay tuned for the date and the time!

I would also like to congratulate our Advisory Board member, Tonya Fitzpatrick, on being named to the State of Maryland’s Tourism Development Board. Please join me in congratulating Tonya on this appointment.

Enjoy your Spring!


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