Qualification Period

All content must have been first published, distributed, broadcasted, and/or released between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Please be advised that judges reserve the right to not award in any given category.

Media Categories

Applies to travel content creators: Editors, journalists, authors, bloggers, photographers, podcasters, videographers, etc.

General Travel Articles

For articles published in a print or online publication (newspaper, magazine, website, blog, or other media).

100 Destination Travel
Article on a travel destination that was published in a print or online newspaper, magazine, or other digital publication.

101 Illustrated Story
Travel article with text and photography or photography by the same person/journalist, published in a print/digital publication, i.e. newspaper, magazine, travel blog, journalism/publication website.

102 Long-Form Narrative/Personal Essay
Narrative or personal essay that tells a travel story, published in either a print or online publication. Minimum of 1500 words.

Special Focus Travel

For articles published in a print or online publication (newspaper, magazine, website, blog, or other media).

120 Luxury & Resort Travel
Travel article focused on luxury and/or high-end travel, activities, or properties, such as resorts and other exclusive properties.

121 Sports, Recreation, and Adventure
Travel article focused on sports, recreation, or adventure.

122 Cruises
Travel article focused on a cruise or cruising.

123 Historical Travel
Travel article focused on a destination’s history or a historical site/event.

124 Culinary Travel
Travel article focused on food, wine, beer, or spirits and/or a culinary destination, experience, or activity.

125 Family or 60+ Travel
Article focused on family or intergenerational travel, or travel for or by older adults.

126 Cultural Travel
Travel article focused on a destination and its culture or performing or visual arts.

127 Sustainable Travel
Travel article focused on the environment, sustainability, or travel that helps communities through programs involving volunteers.

128 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Travel.
Article that focuses on travel for or the travel experiences of diverse communities, including LGBTQ+, and individuals with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities; and/or inclusivity or equity in travel.


For video and audio that has been broadcast or streamed online. Video and audio will be judged on production value and story-telling.

140 Independent Travel Video
Independently produced video or program focused on the traveler or the travel experience. Video must have been streamed online or streaming service or broadcast on network or cable television.

141 Travel Reel or Short Video
Social media video reel or short video (no more than 3 minutes runtime) focused on the traveler or travel experience. Video must have been posted on a social media platform such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

142 Travel Podcast
Program focused on the traveler or the travel experience that was broadcast as a podcast. Please submit only one episode per entry.


Review the Guidelines for instructions on submitting in the Photography categories. All submissions must have been published in a print or online publication (i.e. newspaper, magazine, blog, guide, book, other media), website, or on social media within the qualification period.

150 Feature Photo or Illustration
Lead or featured image in an online or print article, or magazine cover. Limited to one photo per entry submission.

151 Landscape and Nature Photography
Image in which the main subject is a landscape, cityscape, seascape, plant or animal life, or similar subject. Limited to one photo per entry submission.

152 Portrait Photography
Image in which the main subject is a person or group of people or similar subject. Limited to one photo per entry submission.

153 Photo Essay
Collection of travel photographs or illustrations (by a single photographer/artist) that best represents a destination or travel experience.

154 Action or Adventure Photography. Action image depicting a sport, recreation, adventure, or similar subject. Limited to one photo per entry submission.

155 Cultural Photography. Image that captures customs, arts, community interactions and/or celebrations that are unique to a geographic region. One or more photos per entry submission.


160 Travel Book
Book focused on a travel experience or guide focused on providing necessary information to travelers to a specific destination. May be principally photography or text. 

161 Travel Tips & Advice
Consumer-focused advice including tips, how-tos, and recommendations.

Organization Categories

Applies to destination marketing organizations (DMOs), conventions and visitors bureaus (CVBs), public relations agencies, chambers of commerce, tourism/economic development agencies, and other organizations that work to promote tourism.

200 Visitors’ Guide (Printed or Digital) or Website
Guide or website that uses creative strategies to attract the audience to visit the destination. Published by a CVB, DMO or PR Agency.

201 Destination Video
Includes promotional online videos and television spots. Produced by a CVB, DMO or PR Agency.

202 Creative Marketing Campaign
Marketing campaign that incorporates a unique approach to promoting a destination. Eligible content includes print, digital or social marketing campaigns, videos, television spots, radio broadcasts, and podcasts.

Publication Categories

Applies to print and digital travel magazines and independent travel blog websites.

300 Travel Magazine – Print or Online
Website or Magazine directed to travelers or focused on the travel experience. The magazine should be substantially informational. For in-flight or general circulation magazine, submit only one issue per entry.

301 Independent Travel Blog
An independent travel website focused on presenting opinion and commentary and/or travel information and advice. The site should have substantial new material. A travel blog is considered independent if it is not affiliated with a major publication or major corporate entity and it is owned and operated by individual(s). Please submit an entire website, not individual posts/blog articles.

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