2022 September Featured Organization of the Month: Aggressor Adventures

The mission of Aggressor Adventures is to provide our guests with the highest quality, most innovative and safest experiences possible. We offer unparalleled customer service on our comfortable small group adventures, accessing the most exciting destinations around the world.

Since 1984, when our first guests joined us on our inaugural adventure, our staff has worked tirelessly to offer unequaled 5-star service and accommodations.

“Aggressor Adventures is in the adventure-making business. We’re a world-class team of uncompromising explorers dedicated to continually creating unique and extraordinary experiences for our guests. We are passionate scuba divers, seasoned captains, culinary masters, discerning concierges, and wild safari experts. We are avid protectors of our oceans, rivers and lands, nature, and the environment. We awake each and every day eager for adventure. Let us immerse you in new experiences, change the way you see the world, and create your Adventure of a Lifetime.” – CEO Wayne B. Brown

1. ) What is your organization most known for? 

Innovation. Aggressor Adventures®️ started in 1984 with one 90 ft live onboard boat and after 39 years, is now a thriving adventure company with a family of 4 different brands; Aggressor Liveaboards, Aggressor Safari Lodges®️, Aggressor River Cruises®️ and Aggressor Floating Resorts®️.  The company offers adventures that include luxury accommodations from deluxe to suites,  chef-prepared meals and snacks, professional staff, signature Aggressor amenities and 51 unique itineraries in 19 countries.

2.) During this time, how can we enjoy destinations that you represent?

Make a reservation and grab your passport. Our Nile River Cruises, Sri Lankan wildlife safaris and scuba charters are open, operating and thriving. We have a full team who can book airline travel, extension tours and hotel nights to make travel easy for you.

3.) What hidden gem should not be missed when visiting an Aggressor destination?

Dessert! Really, our chefs, many who have been with Aggressor for 10 plus years, take tremendous pride in their craft. There isn’t a better treat after a night dive in Turks & Caicos than a scrumptious Banoffee Pie or nibbling on Coconut Macaroons watching a south Pacific sunset over Palau’s mushroom-shaped islands or cruising down the Nile River.

4.) What’s one feature that can’t be missed when visiting your website?

Our Adventure Logs. Field reports are uploaded each week detailing the activities, itinerary, and critter sights. This helps future guests prepare for their vacation. Here’s a sample from the Bahamas Aggressor, August 13, 2022 log: “We jumped in at the Austin Smith shipwreck where we saw 10 Caribbean reef sharks, black grouper, Nassau grouper, and a stingray. Visibility was 100 feet and the water temperature was 82F.” We couldn’t help but provide a second one, hearing from our CEO Wayne Brown during his Cup O’ Joe podcast. He is an adventurer himself and provides regular updates about new adventures.

5.) How did you hear about NATJA, why did you join?

We heard about NATJA from journalists who contacted us wanting to travel with Aggressor. It has been a wonderful way to network.

6.) Is there anything else you feel travel media should know about your organization?

Conservation. In 1984, Cayman Aggressor staff worked in conjunction with the Caymanian Government installing several moorings, which allow vessels to safely dive an area without using reef-damaging anchors.  Mooring installations have been installed by Aggressor staff throughout the world. Conservation efforts continue on many fronts by directly participating in beach clean-up efforts, onboard programs, such as “Green the Fleet,” and financially supporting Sea of Change Foundation, Woman Divers Hall of Fame, educational scholarships and much more.

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