NATJA’s Founding President Signs Contract For Movie Of His Adventure Novel

Contact: Bob Nesoff
(201) 385-2000

NATJA’s founding president, Bob Nesoff, has signed an option for a movie on his novel, Spyder Hole.

Nesoff returned recently from Beverley Hills, California at the request of Executive Producer Lawrence Pereira to discuss producing a movie of Nesoff’s action novel. The meeting at the Four Seasons progressed rapidly and Pereira’s lawyer, Martin Kay, offered Nesoff a contract on the spot. Pereira has produced numerous movies including “Predator,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pereira said Spyder Hole jumps right out of today’s headlines. It tells the story of an international “Ghost Force” of military and intelligence units tasked to hunt down terrorists with extreme prejudice. The head of the clandestine Ghost Force, a former Green Beret officer, now in the secretive Delta Force, is tasked by the president to form an international unit composed of American Delta Force and CIA, British SAS Commandos and MI-6, and Israeli Sayeret Matkal and Mossad. The unit will report directly to either the president or Secretary of State and is given power for terminating terrorists with extreme prejudice.

Nesoff’s background as a travel writer was invaluable in describing the international locales taking place in the book.

Nesoff, a career journalist with more than 40 writing awards from several organizations, has been named to Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the Media and Communications since 1998. He served in the elite 11th Special Forces Group, Green Berets.

He is currently working on two books for Arcadia Publications. The first, “A History Lover’s Guide To Bergen County,” and the second “Mysterious Mike Malone.” The non-fiction Malone book details the career of Malone, a Federal undercover operative who infiltrated the Al Capone gang in Chicago and brought the mobster down. At the request of Charles Lindbergh, he was tasked with the case of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. He also worked on the Nucky Johnson political corruption case (Johnson was the main character in the TV series Boardwalk Empire in Atlantic City), Dutch Schulz, and many more. Nesoff is working on the book with Dr. Martin Dolan III, Malone’s great nephew who is in possession of all of Malone’s notes and records. Dolan now lives in California.

Nesoff was a reporter for The Record and later for the Newark News. He was executive editor of New York Lifestyles Magazine. He was president of the Working Press Association of New Jersey and founder and first National President of NATJA.

He worked for more than 40 years with his late wife, Sandy Nesoff (a NATJA founding member and first treasurer), producing travel-oriented stories. They traveled throughout Europe, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and China.

Spyder Hole, the movie, is expected to hit the screens in late 2022.

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