Dear friends, colleagues and people who barely know me or couldn’t care less,

The Adventure Geezer is now triple vaccinated (I have asthma, so I’m immune compromised) and ready to get back on the road. In this case, the road is only two blocks long, from my house to the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Venice Beach took a huge hit this past year from a seemingly intractable homeless situation, which was widely noted in the national and international media (with some degree of gloating I might add). But the situation vastly improved over the summer, and the Boardwalk is almost back to its previous, albeit funky, glory.

I have made this revival the subject of my first destination-focused travel article in well over a year. It was just published in The Beacon Newspaper of Washington DC. You can read it here

I will soon be back on the road for real, traveling to such destinations as New York; Philadelphia; Sonoma Valley, CA; San Juan Island, WA; Rocky Mountain NP; Egypt, Israel; Jordan; India; Bhutan; Hokkaido, Japan; Greenland; Sweden; Scotland; Switzerland; and Rome. As you can see I’m trying to make up for lost time. So, if you just ignore the temptation to “unsubscribe,” you will be able to read about these trips in The Beacon, Active Over 50, or via these aperiodic announcements.

BTW, I merged a couple of lists for this mailing so if you receive more than one announcement, just click on “unsubscribe” for one of them (or both if you just don’t want to be bothered). 

Happy trails to you, and I hope we meet up again somewhere along the way. 


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