By: Shelly Rivoli

From the author of the award-winning guide Travels with Baby comes this pocket-size survival manual for parents traveling with small children. Packed with hundreds of on-the-go tips, parents get quick access to the information and advice they need as they travel, including: babyproofing hotel rooms or vacation rentals on arrival, keeping babies happy in the back seat, managing toddlers on airplanes, translating various baby items and conversions while traveling abroad, and finding medical help or remedies far from home. Age-appropriate games and activities also help keep babies, toddlers, and preschoolers entertained in transit. Plus special sections help parents organize their travel details for each trip and also make it easy to fill in the blanks to log favorite family moments along the way. Winner of the Rising Star Award in the National Parenting Publication Awards and Finalist in the IndieFab Book of the Year Awards.

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The book is available in Paperback and eBook editions.

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