Meet Our Featured Members

Meet Our Featured Members

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July 2017 Featured Member: Laurel-Ann Dooley
Thursday, July 13, 2017 12:00 AM

Laurel-Ann DooleyLaurel-Ann Dooley a freelance travel writer and journalist, a nonfiction author, and a children's book author.

What got you into travel writing?

When I was a child in Montreal, my mother always took me with her to the butcher shop. On the wall behind the deli case, there was a picture of a beautiful, dark-eyed woman wearing red dress with gold thread woven through it and a jewel on her forehead. I asked my mother about it, and she told me it was a calendar with pictures of India, which was a country far from where we lived. I knew at that moment that I would go there someday.  That thought was the birth of my love of travel. Being a journalist, travel writing was a given for me.

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