Today marks the 1st day of June and the unofficial beginning of summer. Normally, this time of the year graduates are donning their caps and gowns, children are getting out of school, parents are planning family vacations, and generally, life beats on at a different pace. Tragically, gun violence in the United States has irreparably changed many families and cast a dark cloud upon us all – again. These last two weeks have been horrific for what we have experienced in Buffalo, New York, then Laguna Woods, California, and now in Uvalde, Texas. Lives were cut too short at places where we should feel safest – a grocery store, a church, an elementary school.
NATJA is not a political organization but when we see an injustice, we feel compelled to address it. Yes, everyone is entitled to bear arms in the United States. But how can an 18-year-old legally purchase an assault rifle when they can’t even legally purchase alcohol? How can this be? In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken bold measures in controlling guns and we can only hope that the United States Senate will hear the voices of 80% of Americans who are asking for reforms. We cannot continue in this manner.

Let’s hope that this murderous rampage will be the last and that controls will be put in place to protect our citizens and protect gun ownership as well.

We are keeping all the families affected by these tragedies in our hearts and in our prayers.



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